What is the opposite of the “green thumb” but for technology/electronics?

As having a green thumb is someone who is good with plants, jokingly, the brown thumb could be used for someone who is bad with plants. Is there an equivalent pair for being good/bad with technology/electronics? Answer Someone who is good with technology/electronics – Computer-literate : (of a person) having sufficient knowledge and skill to … Read more

Irregular shape with projections and recesses that interlock with other shapes

What might be a word for the shape with a lot of random projections and recesses? I would like to describe the shape of countries in Europe where countries have interlocking shapes like distorted jigsaw puzzles. Alternatively, what would be an analogy for irregular shape with female and male connections? The analogies which come to … Read more

Puzzling verbal analogy

I have two questions about this analogy from an SSAT practice test: Silk is to worm as A. honey is to bee B. corn is to pop C. bread is to wheat D. egg is to chicken E. frog is to croak Their explanation is: By now, you have seen several types of analogies involving … Read more

‘Patriotism’ is to ‘Country’ as ______ is to ‘Language’

I have been looking for a word to describe a group of people that are very loyal and passionate about their (native) language. Answer The word chauvinism could be used aptly in such a circumstance along with a suitable descriptor. Note that it is usually used in a negative light. Chauvinism refers to extreme prejudiced … Read more

What do you say when referring to labor for an adverb?

Analogy: Education : academically :: Labor : ? I’m trying to fit in something to go here: … not only do I have to do well academically, but also _____ (in my labor) Parentheses not included. What can fit in that blank? Answer If you are speaking about manual labor, consider the adverb form of … Read more

Enter is to entrant as exit is to *

A person who enters something is called an entrant. What is a person who exits something called? Answer Depending on the context, you would specify the person exiting something by the nature of their exit: For example in a competition: "drop-out" "loser/defeated" "victor" If talking about an institution: "alumnus" Depending on what you consider a … Read more

Child is to parent as referent is to what?

The referent of a word or phrase in a sentence is the thing to which that word refers, e.g. in “The businessman greeted me,” the referent of ‘the businessman’ is the person who said hello, and the referent of ‘me’ is the speaker of the sentence. Is there a name for those words or phrase … Read more

word analogy – accelerate is to velocity as

Accelerate is to Velocity as sound is to decibels incarcerate is to prison levitate is to elevation commiserate is to weight denigrate is to reputation Please choose one option. Answer Accelerate is to Velocity as NB: this is "verb is to noun as" If something accelerates, its velocity increases with respect to time. On a … Read more