“Incur companies multimillion dollar losses”

I am struggling to formulate the following sentence Bad decisions lead to bad results, that would incur companies millions dollars losses. What I want to say is that bad decisions will lead to multimillion losses. Does my sentence make sense? Have I used the nouns, millions, and dollars correctly? Answer Corrected Sentence Structure Consideration: A … Read more

Can a noun work as an adjective, and the adjective as a noun?

Hazel Eyes I found the following paragraph in the guycounseling.com blog article “Hazel Eyes: Learn Why People with Greenish Eye Color are Rare!”, containing the two words “hazel eyes”: Hazel eyes are fascinating to gaze into. When you look at someone who has hazel eyes, you see colors that are completely different than other eye … Read more

Should “words” be plural in “The Words Hunters”?

I’m creating an educational game that teaches English words and I wanted to call it: “The Word Hunter”. But there’s a famous book named Word Hunters and I don’t want to have any copyright problem so I decided to go with “The Words Hunters” (yeah, my brain hurts XD). Is the use of the plural … Read more

What does ‘back up with’ mean?

The expression comes from the following meme of Stevie Wonder How I feel while backing up with 5% window tint I think it’s some kind of insulting the blinds. I don’t enjoy those things, but the expression quite bugs me so bad. Can you substitute the expression ‘while backing up with’? I cannot figure out … Read more

‘The snap election results’ or ‘The snap-election results’?

Which of the two is grammatically correct? The snap election results are in. The snap-election results are in. The sentence should refer to the results of an election that was announced suddenly and unexpectedly. Answer To me, “snap election results” seems better. I agree with Nigel J that it seems like someone who uses a … Read more

On the idiomaticity of attributive proper nouns, proper adjectives, and either singular or plural possessives when describing Imperial Possessions

When talking about something which is owed by an empire or is considered to be a part of that empire, which of the many ways to express this relationship are most commonly used and generally accepted idiomatically? For example, is it: The Ottoman war machine The Ottomanian war machine The Ottoman’s war machine The Ottomans’ … Read more

Inconsistency regarding plural: why do we write “results file” but also “result list”?

How come it is ok to write “results file”, while you must write “result list” rather than “results list”? Answer Technically, either version is grammatically correct. However, the word “list” implies a plural amount of the item, therefore stylistically people only use a singular in front of “list”. However, the word “file” does not imply … Read more

Study vs Education as modifiers

Could you describe the difference in contexts/connotations for “Study” and “Education” as modifiers, particularly in “study programs” and “education programs” at the university – might be my question is also about style, fell free to express your views, thanks in advance. Answer Study programs and education programs are virtually synonyms in this sense. They are … Read more

Is there a word that describes something that wasn’t made for how it’s being used?

In other words, what adjective could you use to describe something that is being used for a task it wasn’t made for. An example might include using a plastic bottle of water to water a plant; yes it works, but using a watering can would make much more sense. A similar word/phrase example could be … Read more