How to associate a participle with an exact word in a sentence like ‘List of items’?

I have a problem with a sentence “A list of items grouped by category”. There are two possible ways to understand this sentence: (A list of items) that is grouped by category A list of (items that are grouped by category) How to write it correctly? Answer [Edited] I don’t think “is” in 1 would … Read more

When are attributive nouns plural?

If I want to say: "development of special weapons was the first point in Hitler’s program…" I will say this (a better form): "special weapon development was…" OK… is it "special weapon development" or "special weapons development" (note the plural…) What’s the grammar rule in order to understand how to use this very used form? … Read more

“My wife and I’s seafood collaboration dinner”

I just stumbled upon a Reddit post titled: My wife and I’s seafood collaboration dinner. How does it look? Sure enough, the top comment immediately points out that it should be “my wife’s and my”. However, a cross-post to the Grammar subreddit produced the following comment: It’s fine as it is written. “my wife and … Read more

meaning: He isn’t enough of a scholar

[21 v] He isn’t [enough of a scholar]. (CGEL, p.534-5) In construction [v], scholar is not head of the whole NP but part of the of phrase complement, and for this reason it must follow enough. They are, it seems, saying ‘enough’ is a noun, but I’ve not yet found the proper nominal meaning of … Read more

What is the rule for adjective order?

I remember being taught that the correct order of adjectives in English was something along the lines of “Opinion-Size-Age-Color-Material-Purpose.” However, it’s been a long time and I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten a few categories (I think there were eight or nine). Can anyone fill them in? Answer I am re­mind­ed of how J.R.R. Tol­kien’s moth­er … Read more

What does this phrase – headline means “Crippling cost of disparities”?

I am preparing for the good and quick reading comprehension. People say that in order to excel in the reading comprehension, one should be able to guess the content. So, there was a sub-heading in the newspaper: Crippling cost of disparities However, I am unable to guess this phrase. How can I excel in it? … Read more

Can I say that “Thanks! for the bonhomie wishes”

Is it right to say while distributing sweets on the b’day ocassion – “Thanks! for the bonhomie wishes” Answer As snailboat points it out, the word bonhomie is not normally used to convey the ‘thanks!’ for any wishes. In your sentence, the word seems to be used as a adjective, whereas it’s actually a noun. … Read more

A/the clinic(s) that open(s) out of regular official hours of a hospital

I was requested to write that [A/the clinic(s) that open(s) out of regular official hours of a hospital] as a noun phrase, supposedly a concise and natural-sounding one. There are several issues for me to come up with the noun phrase. Singular vs. plural: This is a clinic (or clinics?) run by a hospital (let’s … Read more