“Do I have my mobile phone inside?”- Is this sentence correct?

Is this sentence grammatically correct? “Do I have my mobile phone inside the restroom?” or “Do I have my phone there(some place)?”— One day I asked this question to my friend and he replied that the statement is not correct but didn’t give me any reason and I couldn’t find any proper justification online. I … Read more

Who are or who is?

I have a sentence: They are planning to have holidays soon. What will be the question? Who IS planning to have their holidays soon? or Who ARE planning to have their holidays soon? Answer It would be who is planning…? You can find the explanation here (TheGrammarExchange) “When ‘who’ and ‘what’ are used to ask … Read more

“I am not starving yet” is that correct English?

I am trying to say “I am not feeling hunger at the moment, but I probably will in the nearest future.” “I am not starving yet” – is that a proper English in general and particularly in that case of usage? Answer Yes, it is correct, albeit slightly informal. More formally you would say I … Read more

I am not able to understand the meaning of following sentence. Please help me understand if it is a statement of question.

*May I submit that my educational background, research and employment experience, and a diverse skill set make me a good fit for your academic program. * I read this sentence in a Statement of Purpose. Please help me understand if it sounds like a question or it is just a style of writing using the … Read more

What is the term for when somebody answers your question with the same phrase as your question

For example, I would say “Why is this thing popular?” And someone else responds with “Because it is popular.” What is that type of answer called? I’ve heard the term before but I can’t remember. Another example is “How do I operate this machine?” Response, “By operating it.” Answer Are you thinking of a “tautology”? … Read more

What is the difference between the questions below

Could you explain the difference between “When do you think he will come?” and “How do you think when will he come?”. Why only the first one is grammatically correct and the second is wrong? Why can’t I start it with how? Answer You are trying to translate the Russian “Как ты думаешь, когда он … Read more