Can or should “ask” ever be used as a noun?

“The ask is that you provide me with…” I started hearing “ask” being used as a noun a few years ago. Is this a recent trend? Is it an East Coast thing, unique to North America, or just unique to the in-house vocabulary of telecommunications companies? Answer Living in Europe, I have never encountered the … Read more

Business model based on commission charging

I’d like to know the correct expression to point out the essence of this business model. I’m talking about web servers that gather users (offering and consuming services) and that charge them commissions based either on just having an account or per service provided. example: $10 a month for your membership – then provide you … Read more

How should one answer a business phone?

I am still a bit confused how to receive an external phone call at work. Browsing the internet I find: * Hello? (informal) * Thank you for calling Boyz Autobody. Jody speaking. How can I help you? * Doctor’s office. None of those work for me well. “Hello?” is certainly too informal. The second seems … Read more