Is there a general term for an inventory item that is taken from over time?

For example, let’s say there’s a business that has reels of wire rope, yarn, or chain. Or even tanks full of gasoline. In all of those cases, what is being sold is not the whole reel or tank, but measurable parts of it. Compare this with an off-the-shelf item that is just sold whole. I’m … Read more

Is it correct to say “Open shift”?

Is it correct to say open shift and close shift or is it more preferred to use begin shift and close shift? By opening shift, I mean it from the perspective of the worker that uses a cash register or cash drawer: Answer No, that’s not normal usage. We would say: I am going … Read more

“draft invoice” or “upcoming invoice”?

If I have a provisional document that is listing the items that will be billed for this month (subject to change, because the month is not yet finished), then what is the better term? “draft invoice” or “upcoming invoice”? Or something else? Answer Neither. It could be a proforma invoice (Business Dictionary) An abridged or … Read more

Signing off an email with ‘on behalf of’?

I am writing an email as one of the committee members of a voluntary organization. Is this an appropriate way to sign off an informal email whose audience is professionals? Regards, On behalf of <organization>, John Doe Answer There are multiple parts to this question. The first is whether the three statements, in that order, … Read more

Term for entering a market with a lower pricing and simpler offer [business]

There is a term meant to describe the following situation, in business strategy: Suppose there is a market with a few companies acting as a closed oligopoly, with only full-featured and very pricey offers. Then, you enter this market as a new competitor, providing only a very basic offer for a fraction of the price. … Read more

Short word to describe someone wearing smartglasses

My company is developing smart eyewear and I’m looking for a short word to describe the users of our smartglasses for English documents. The ideal wording would be understandable by British, US, and international audiences. It’s primarily intended for internal usage, product specification, and exchanges with partners. It doesn’t need to be formal; it can … Read more

Open annotation vs Closed annotation for business writing

For business writing (mail and letters) which one is more preferred annotation? Open annotation:- Hi James …… Thanks Vikas Closed annotation:- Hi James, …… Thanks, Vikas Answer There isn’t necessarily a “preferred” style. It’s a matter of choice and which style guide you follow. For instance, the Purdue Online Writing Lab suggests using a colon … Read more

I did not get the job offer. What term could describe the brief sadness I experienced, then moving forward?

I was turn downed for a job offer after an onsite interview. This was sad news for me. What term could describe the brief sadness I experienced upon notification that I did not make the cut for a job offer? The key difference here is that I was upset, but now I am feeling better … Read more

What do you call the person responsible for a meeting?

What do you call the person that is responsible for conducting a meeting, i.e. inviting participants, preparing the agenda and (mostly) also moderating the meeting, as well as define and document the intended result of a meeting? I’ve heard the word “meeting owner” before. Would that be the correct term, or are there others, maybe … Read more