Should terms like “Googliness” be capitalized?

Googliness is a neologism whose meaning has been roughly idenfied as possessing: …Attributes like enjoying fun (who doesn’t), a certain dose of intellectual humility (it’s hard to learn if you can’t admit that you might be wrong), a strong measure of conscientiousness (we want owners, not employees), comfort with ambiguity (we don’t know how our … Read more

Capitalization/Proper use of apostrophe for omitted letters at start of quotation

Suppose I have a character who can’t pronounce the letter b, and I have him start a sentence with “bananas” in dialogue. Is this correct, using a single quotation mark in front of a pointing away from a: “’ananas! What will I do now?” Arun said. Should I capitalize the a of “ananas”? It’s at … Read more

Capitalisation in texts where the title is also a concept that is referred to within the text?

I’m going to use Karpman’s drama triangle as an example for my question because I can’t seem to find any consistency around its capitalisation (although I’ll admit I don’t own the book). Say you have a book, in this example, ‘The Drama Triangle’, and you also refer to the drama triangle within the text because … Read more

Capital letter in the word City

When should a capital letter be used for the word city? E.g spark innovation in the city…. The city has an opportunity…. The city is growing… Would I use a capital in any of the above sentences? I’ve been told that if you are talking about “the City” then it should be capitalised? Thanks Answer … Read more

Acronyms and Initialisms- Uppercase, Lowercase, or either

Is there a rule on acronyms and initialisms being spelled out with the first letter of each word being uppercase or lowercase? Example: interim final rule (IFR) Interim Final Rule (IFR) Answer The Chicago Manual of Style, sixteenth edition (2010) briefly addresses the question of whether the spelled-out form of an initialism or acronym should … Read more

Department or department?

I have been asked to review a document but I have a dilemma: “D” in below phrase should be capital? “It can flourish collaboration among the members of the Department”? Or job title: “The Chairperson of Department is responsible for ….” “You should focus to support our Research Chairs” These sentences are from a formal … Read more

Number and Capitalization of Phrase

At work we have what we call “environments” (groups of computers, essentially). Each environment has a number (e.g., Environment 1). I maintain a list of the environments. I am unsure how to capitalize and pluralize the subtitles for each environment’s page. For example, some pages are for multiple environments. I am creating the page for … Read more