What is the name of the property of “words with only unique characters”?

I am looking for the name of the property of words spelled with at most 1 of each characters. Words like palindrome make me hope there is a single word for this but I would be satisfied with multiple words. I guess the negation of another property is also an acceptable answer. If no such … Read more

Is there a special name for that kind of product category?

I’m making a webshop and I can’t find a good name for a special category. Is there any name for a category that holds products which will be no longer sold after the stock has been run out? In hungarian there is a name “Kifutó” for it, which means that these products are the last … Read more

Is there a word for sets of words with related meaning in English, like ‘yellow’ and ‘green’ or ‘January’ and ‘February’?

I’m learning the Indonesian language, and they took the word ‘antonim’ from Dutch (antonym in English), but changed and expanded the meaning. In Indonesian, ‘green’ is an antonym of ‘yellow’ and ‘February’ is an antonym of ‘January’. Which surprised me, but also got me thinking that I don’t know how these words are related to … Read more

categories of verb inflections

Hi I’m working on a software project for work that inflects english words into their various derived forms. e.g. work (verb) -> works, working, worked. My main problem at the moment is that I need to standardize some naming conventions or categories for each inflection type in my program, and then funnel scraped data from … Read more

How are words that describe a certain sound called?

They’re different in different languages, but I’m looking for the name of the category of those words. For example, a sound of dog’s barking: “woof-woof”. But in Russian it’s “ghav-ghav”; A sound of cat: “meow”. But in Japanese it’s “nya”. Also various sounds that are used in comics: “boing”, “bang”, “poof”, “ka-pow”, etc. EDIT: These … Read more

How is unjustifiable (falsely attributed) usage of *we* or *us* called?

I wonder what the name of phenomenon when a speaker uses we or us to falsely (and, really, deceptively) attach oneself to a group (like when a politician says “hard times await us” in his public speech, when hard times obviously don’t await him) or place false collective blame (like in “we went to Iraq”, … Read more

Are there any general terms that encompass a large number of things such as soil, sand, silt, clay, mud, and gravel?

My question is in the title, the below paragraph is the backstory for anyone interested. I just want to know if a general term that refers to any broad class of materials anything close to what is listed exists in English, or if not, in another language which I may borrow a word from. After … Read more