Exist or Exists?

I am writing a paper on the topic of “dharma”. I have written: “Within these two categories exists all forms and definitions of dharma.” I am stumped! Is it supposed to be exist or exists, and why? Answer The complete subject of the sentence is “all forms and definitions of dharma.” The simple subject is … Read more

“Further the goal”: is this use correct?

Does the word “Further” fit naturally in the following sentence? “The modern thinkers believe that by attracting the young generation towards museums, the management furthers the fundamental goal of the museums which is to educate the masses about their history.” Here I want to say that the goal of the museums is to educate the … Read more

What’s the difference between index and indicator?

My phrase is: “The main (indexes / indicators) of regional development”. Which noun should I use? I have searched for any difference in their meanings on the Internet, but didn’t find anything certain. From my point of view (and I suppose it may be totally wrong), an indicator is something what tells us about the … Read more

Abroad or onboard

In the following sentence I have to find the error The ship sank and everyone abroad drowned. I think instead of abroad onboard should be used, and it is the only error. But the answer given in my book is In the place of drowned, was drowned should be used. But I think its incorrect. … Read more

“Has he come yet’” vs “Has he not come yet?”

I referred to the Michael Swan’s Practical English Usage, regarding the use of yet as an adverb (chapter 539.3 yet). The following examples are given below: The postman has not come yet. Has the postman come yet? Is supper ready yet? He explains that yet is used in the negative sentences and positive questions. He … Read more

Is “safes” an acceptable alternative to “makes safe”

Though I know it’s uncommon usage (and intentionally so). Is the follow sentence legitimate? She safes the dangerous area so it cannot be stumbled upon. Obviously, modern usage would be “she makes safe”, but some research on my part shows that “safes” is an acceptable “third-person singular simple present” form of safe. Am I correct? … Read more

Function of object of preposition

Consider the sentence “What is the probability of Bob winning?” What is the function of “Bob winning”? It’s certainly acting as the object of the preposition, but I don’t recognize this type of construction from any of my English courses. Is it even correct usage? Answer Some call it the “fused participle” because the participle … Read more

“seek” without preposition sounds weird

I am writing the following sentence (I made it shorter for this question): To achieve a better bound, we seek graphs with the following property. I read that using the phrase “seek for” is not recommended or even incorrect. Is my sentence OK? Thank you Answer Your sentence is OK. Seek takes a direct object. … Read more