what does “important as types” mean?

the scientific interest of American history centered in national character , and in the workings of a society destined to become vast in which individuals were important chiefly as types. 1. does “workings” mean labor forces? like the working class? or it means like how society operates? 2. individuals were important chiefly as types I … Read more

This is an English question in a Korean SAT mock test. Anyone can help?

The following is the confusing question.. Choose the right place for the following sentence among the five places numbered (1) through (5) in the given passage below. The sentence: “Change, it should be noted, has always been part of the human landscape.” The Passage: Today the words stress and change have become synonymous and the … Read more

Function of a line in this Reading Comprehension

While chocolate was highly esteemed in Mesoamerica, where it originated, its adoption in Europe was initially slow. There is a common belief that Europeans needed to “transform” chocolate to make it appetizing. However, while Spaniards did put sugar, which was unknown to indigenous Americans, into chocolate beverages, this additive was not completely innovative. Mesoamericans were … Read more

“What colour is your car”, What is subject there

I don’t understand what is subject in sentences like these “What colour is your car”, subject is “What colour” or “your car” “What size is this shirt” “What time is it” etc. A little similar “Who phoned you”, Who is subject Who did you phone? You is subject. In these sentences finding subject is easy, … Read more

The meaning of this sentence?

What is the meaning of “Leaving aside the philosophical question of whether anyone should have to breathe someone else’s cigarette smoke, the report suggests that the smoke experienced by many people in their daily lives is enough to produce substantial adverse effects on a person’s heart and lungs.”? Recently I’ve been doing IELTS reading exercises … Read more

Are there any references that the English language is written and read from left to right and from top to bottom?

What is the basis this? I have practically done hours of research and I couldn’t find any source or reference about this. I AM NOT ASKING WHY. I AM ASKING FOR A REFERENCE. Answer On the page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_alphabet you will find: Direction Left-to-right Here it describes how you could cite the page: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:CiteThisPage&page=English_alphabet&id=883793073 AttributionSource : … Read more

“Were someone someone, … would …” structure

I have been practicing my English reading skill for a while. I try to read news article from various sources. Lately, I found this article (link: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2011/10/stop-forcing-journalists-to-conceal-their-views-from-the-public/247571/) and I could not understand a specific sentence. That sentence is Were I an opportunist, I’d be salivating at the recent news from NPR, which is now on … Read more