Collective Noun “jury” with plural phrase, singular or plural?

Curious if this textbook example is correct. According to the textbook, “are” is incorrect and “is” should be used instead. Why is this? After days of testimony, the jury, including its two alternative members, are in deliberations and expected to deliver a verdict this afternoon. (not naming the textbook so it makes cheating harder) I … Read more

Type of noun from the sentence

“Seeing the baby the mother rose in her.” Is the word ‘mother’ in the above sentence a: (a) Common Noun (b) Abstract Noun (c) Proper Noun (d) Collective Noun Answer Robikul, Welcome to English stackexchange. The word ‘mother’ is a common noun but it becomes a proper noun and is capitalized when it is used … Read more

Should “megafauna” take a plural verb or a singular one?

I know megafauna is not a very common word, while fauna is more so. Fauna is singular, defined as a group of animals. ex. "The African fauna is diverse". Megafauna is the word defining all animals with body mass larger than a certain threshold (45kg, 100kg, etc), so in theory is still a group. Following … Read more

Plural for surnames derived from other words?

I recently came across a surname in a podcast, called Barleyfoot. In the podcast, his family was referred to as the Barleyfeet. Is this correct? Or should it be Barleyfoots? What about other possible names ending in words like goose, man, cactus etc. whose original words’ plurals don’t just add an ‘s’ at the end? … Read more

Is there a noun for the general, solely negative, discrimination of any kind of group?

Is there a noun for the general, solely negative, discrimination of any kind of group? Like, a word that encompasses misandry, misogyny, anti-semitism, the common use of both “racist” and “sexist”, etc. If there is no such word, that is a valid answer too. Answer bigotry [big-uh-tree] noun, plural big·ot·ries. 1 stubborn and complete intolerance … Read more

Is there a collective word for the different “alphabets” used by different languages?

As I believe “alphabet” refers specifically to the latin a-z, is there a term that collectively refers to all collections of writing characters. ie, if I had a list that contained the entries “Latin, Kanji, Cyrillic” etc, what would that list be called? A single word is preferable, as I need the term to describe … Read more

Why is “the enemy have driven the British and French armies to the sea” grammatically correct?

In Christopher Nolans “Dunkirk” an opening caption appears with the first sentence: “the enemy have driven the British and French armies to the sea” My intuition tells me that it should be “the enemy has driven …” because the enemy is singular. As I guess that this is not an error, why is it correct? … Read more

Does “attention” have a plural form?

I want to write the sentence: People have now turned their attention toward… But I am unsure if attention should be written as attentions. I have looked up this sentence online and it seems that both are used. For example: “Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey sparked not only a revolt within the … … Read more

Is ‘The band of pipers is playing’ correct?

At the risk of asking a duplicate question, I was helping my little one read a school book that had the following line, The band of pipers is playing in the background. Because the collective noun is used in conjunction with the members of said group, I’d have thought the correct expression would be, The … Read more