How would one correctly place punctuation marks in this sentence?

Moth-like, the people buzzed about: walking, driving, directing— each to their own light. I’m not sure whether each comma, colon, dash and hyphen are used correctly here. Please help! Also, this is my first question here (or at least, I think so— I have the memory of a goldfish with Alzheimer’s) so please be gentle! … Read more

Colons vs Em dash ?

The designer envisions the game’s fundamental elements: the settings, characters, and plots that make each game unique, and is thus a primary creative force behind a video game. A) NO CHANGE B) elements: the settings, characters, and plots that make each game unique— C) elements—the settings, characters, and plots that make each game unique— D) … Read more

Writing a list with a description of each item — Formal Writing [Research Paper]

I am trying to write the following sentence: “There are some objectives we cannot miss in any visualization library, which are: performance: high-level abstraction may limit the user’s …, debugging: trial and error is a fundamental part …” I kinda feel I have improper use of the colon “which are:” since I have a second … Read more

How to punctuate two sentences that form one unit that requires a colon at the end?

I ask this in the context of comments in computer programming which are written in plain English. For this question, I require a colon at the end of every comment that is a heading of code. Now, if the heading consists of multiple sentences and I don’t want to use a semicolon, is this considered … Read more

Using the Chicago Manual of Style, do colons go inside or outside quotes?

I have the following sentence: The program identifies particular “targets” and “identifiers:” the “targets” are people who are suspected of committing a crime. Does the colon go inside the quotes or outside of them? Answer While my edition (14th) of CMOS is getting long in the tooth, I don’t believe the guidance has changed: 5.104 … Read more

How to correctly use colon?

I have the following sentence: The company will be oriented towards the development of three types of products: video games, video animations and digital marketing for which it will make use of a flexible and easy-to-grow type of organization. I feel there is a grammatical error in terms of how the colon is implemented. Answer … Read more