Existential vs existing

https://wikidiff.com/existential/existent tells us the differences between existential and existing. Could you give me situations/examples where they are exchangeable, where only one is suitable while the other isn’t? For example, I heard that Bernie Sanders agrees somehow that he is viewed as an existential threat by Democratic establishment. (In contrast, Elizabeth Warren recently showed to Democratic … Read more

Is it wrong to use “last” instead of “latter” to address the second element in a list of two?

I am reviewing an academic paper written by somebody else. At some point in this work the second element in a list of two elements is addressed as “the last”. I immediately reached for the red pen to change it into “the latter”, but then the doubt came: is there any rule prohibiting the use … Read more

Question on a quantity comparison

I read a sentence: There were more than five times the number of students in chemistry as the number of students in physics. Does that mean (1) the number of students in chemistry divided by the number of students in physics is greater than five or (2) the number of students in physics divided by … Read more

What does this part of the sentence mean? “..where I had not so much arrived as simply stopped”

“Perhaps because I was beginning to know all too well not indeed where I was going, but where I had not so much arrived as simply stopped”—whats the function of “as” before “simply stopped” Answer It’s a comparison and a sub-comparison. We’re comparing our plans (destination) to actual outcome (arrival), and then ‘arrival’ to ‘stop’. … Read more

Consume versus Subsume?

After reading the definitions of both, I can’t see how these words differ, however, given their prefixes, I assume they must. Could someone explain to me the difference between ‘consume’ and ‘subsume’, either in definition or their typical usage? In particular, I’m referring to their usage in relation to absorption of another item. Answer Per … Read more

How to say that something is very immature relative to something

I’m looking for an expression to describe a situation when something (e.g. technology, software, science) is much less developed than some other representative of this category. Thus, much more error prone or just not so pleasant to use than its better competitor. I was thinking about something like: This technology A is light years behind … Read more