How do we use the possessive case (i.e., ‘s) with “or”?

I’m having a hard time finding out what the grammar is when we want to use “or” and possessive. If, for example, I want to refer to the information of a person or an organization, do I say, “that person or organization’s information,” or, “that person’s or organization’s information.” Example: Please collect that person or … Read more

“One of my friends'” or “One of my friends’s”?

When specifying possession, my understanding is that one adds an apostrophe if modifying a plural ending with an ‘s’, or adds apostrophe followed by an s if not. How does one specify possession of one of a group? For example, when discussing a ball belonging to a friend of mine, should I assume ‘friends’ is … Read more

Is it appropriate here to use “of” or not here?

Which is correct? a) There is no consensus about the definition of chronic brain damage. b) There is no consensus about chronic brain damage definition. How many words could be placed in a row without using “of”? Answer The sentence a) is much easier to understand as it is written in a more typical, commonly … Read more

Where should I put the possessive apostrophe in the construction noun + “Proper Name” + possessed thing

The sentence is as follows: The association “Association Name” requirements. Where should I put the possessive apostrophe? The association “Association Name”‘s requirements. OR The association’s “Association Name” requirements. Answer No matter where you put the apostrophe in that example it’s going to look strange to some people—regardless of whether or not it’s considered correct. In … Read more

What is the possesive form of “ye”?

“Ye” is an archaic pronoun that is a plural form of “you”. The possessive form of “you” is “your”. The possessive form of “thou” is “thy” (or “thine” before an adjective). What is the possessive form of “ye”? Is it just “your”? Answer In Early Modern English, the nominative (subject) form of the second person … Read more

Successive possessive words

In the following phrase, should the word “interests” have an apostrophe? We favor inter-agency collaboration in order to ensure that our clients’ interests’ triumph. I have been unable to convince myself either way. Any guidance, especially in a formal academic sense, would be greatly appreciated. Answer No apostrophe is needed. “Interests” is the subject of … Read more