Why is it “the UEFA board” not “the UEFA’s board”?

As far as I know, the rule goes that ‘s is used to make possessive forms of abbreviations. But I’ve noticed some inconsistencies: … as it was announced that the Uefa’s Executive Committee had overwhelmingly voted to award… …a member of the UEFA’s HatTrick Committee. vs: Women to be represented on the UEFA board for … Read more

My friend, Adam’s birthday or My friend’s, Adam’s birthday

Which one is correct? It is my friend’s, Adam’s birthday. It is my friend, Adam’s birthday. Does the word ‘friend’ need an apostrophe to show possession? Answer If using the nonrestrictive (as discussed in another answer), I would simply rephrase the sentence to avoid the possessive: It’s the birthday of my friend, Adam. With this, … Read more

How to form possessive for a list of people? “(Jane Doe and I)’s”

I’m writing a sentence, and I’m not sure if it’s grammatically correct. Here are my partner, Jane Doe, and I’s completed assignment. Would this be alright? I never know how to properly use possessives when I’m including myself and someone else. Also, in case you didn’t see my comment below, I need to include my … Read more

First of these’s?

Say a list of things has already been mentioned. How do I refer to an attribute of the first thing in said list? “The first-of-these’s attribute” “The first’s attribute” edit: thanks for the unexplained downvotes, really helpful(!) Answer This seems to be a pertinent question as I haven’t seen this discussed in any grammar or … Read more

Should I write each “team’s”, “teams” or “team” captain?

I’m writing about the captains of sport teams. Each team has one and only one captain. I’m confused on how to express this : We will communicate this information to … each team captain each team’s captain each teams captain each teams’ captain It’s my understanding that each is followed by a singular as per … Read more

Grammaticality of ‘that’ relative clause in phrase beginning with possessive pronoun

I would like to ask about the grammaticality of a ‘that’ relative clause modifying a noun phrase that begins with a possessive pronoun. Please consider these examples: Please send in your technician that I can talk to. They scrapped our project that had taken us so much effort. From a somewhat prescriptive standpoint (I’m trying … Read more

Is “it’s” or “its” possessive?

For a very long time now I’ve been using “it’s” as the possessive form for “it”. There have been some people that have said “its” is the possessive form, but I’m not sure if that’s true. “It’s” seems a lot more like a possessive. Is “it’s” or “its” the possessive form of “it”? Answer ‘It’s’ … Read more