This is an English question in a Korean SAT mock test. Anyone can help?

The following is the confusing question.. Choose the right place for the following sentence among the five places numbered (1) through (5) in the given passage below. The sentence: “Change, it should be noted, has always been part of the human landscape.” The Passage: Today the words stress and change have become synonymous and the … Read more

Function of a line in this Reading Comprehension

While chocolate was highly esteemed in Mesoamerica, where it originated, its adoption in Europe was initially slow. There is a common belief that Europeans needed to “transform” chocolate to make it appetizing. However, while Spaniards did put sugar, which was unknown to indigenous Americans, into chocolate beverages, this additive was not completely innovative. Mesoamericans were … Read more

The first light picture ever taken!

I was reading a passage about ‘selfie’ and came across this sentence which was written on the back of the first selfie taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839. “The first light picture ever taken.” I can’t get the whole meaning. Actually I have a problem with the meaning of ‘light’ in this sentence. Any comments … Read more

Is the sentence below grammatically correct? Is it comprehensible?

out of context: Gray had already provided a survey in 1995 amongst 2518 SMEs, with the result of 52% of the entrepreneurs having claimed that independence meant being bosses to ourselves or making a decision solely on our own. Answer Is it grammatically correct? Yes, however, the comma after “SMEs” indicates the last two thirds … Read more

What is the meaning of “that” as an Internet slang?

I see many times in comment sections of Internet forums such comments as the following: A: This girl is so ugly and I know nobody will date her ever. B: That! What does it mean? Answer “That!” is an affirmation by the person saying it approving of what another speaker has just said. Here are … Read more

What is meant by concrete manifestation in this passage

I needed help in comprehending the meaning of the concrete manifestations given below in the passage, and also the revelation part of the institutions According to Spencer, society is a system of individual relationships. Institutions are recurring patterns of interaction with definite characteristics that can be identified and studied by the sociologist, apart from their … Read more

How to understand this passage “People are discovering new but often old identities …”

People are discovering new but often old identities and marching under new but often old flags which lead to wars with new but often old enemies. written by Samuel P. Huntington in the book of ‘The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order’. The passage have a context, it gives an example : … Read more

Reading comprehension

When hunching myself answering a reading comprehension task, I was particularly unsettled with one question, which I will show you right now: This is an excerpt from Susan Orlean’s “Life is Swell” – 1998 in Women Outside … On our way to the video store, the girls told me they admired my rental car and … Read more

Why are articles in Atlantic magazine difficult to comprehend for an average reader?

I read articles on ny times, economist, atlantic etc. One thing I noticed is that articles on Atlantic are difficult to comprehend – I have to pay more attention or some times go back and re-read sentences. What is that that makes these articles difficult to comprehend for an average reader? Formation of sentences? For … Read more