Name for a business model where you get free ‘basic’ packages

I’m looking for a term for a business model that includes free base packages and charges you for the amount of service you require. Some examples: Unity, pay once you make 100’000 Google Drive, Dropbox, …, pay for more space Free webhosting and one database, pay more for better stuff Is there a name for … Read more

Neologism: I am introducing a new term in my thesis for a concept but I am cautious

Is it arrogant in writing to explicitly say I came up with the term? Fear of appearing arrogant made me think to just say: X will be used throughout the thesis to refer to the concept of Y without informing that no one has used it before. What do you think? Any alternatives to introduce … Read more

Word or phrase for fake appearance or posturing

I’m looking for a noun (it has to be an object) that expresses the concept of fake appearances. In Spanish, we can express that with the word “facade” understood as the front of a wall (but part of a building) because a beautiful facade can hide horrible things inside of the building (things that we … Read more

What is the right word / an analogy for a “pendulum” that gains momentum with each swing?

I’m trying to find the right word / concept to describe the following effect: Consider a pendulum, except with each swing it gains momentum. The exchange of potential and kinetic energy is not equal, instead increasing with each shift. Another way to describe the concept: you’re trimming a bush and you want it to be … Read more

The concept of being too obsessed with honour

I’m looking for a word that refers to excessive or extreme obsession with fairness, discipline, chivalry, and respect. Note that this is the concept, rather than a person who embraces it. An equivalent for honesty would be candor, for safety: cowardice. Answer Quixotic quix·ot·ic kwikˈsädik/ adjective: quixotic ( from Merriam-Webster) foolishly impractical especially in the … Read more

What is a word for a concept that is understood across almost all languages?

This questions is probably strange, but I will give an example. The concept of money, for example is understood by almost all languages, or take the concept of mathematics. Is there an actual word for this? Answer Omni-cultural. Meaning a word or concept that is understood across all cultures. Omni means ‘all, of all things’ … Read more

What word best represents the concept of data that can be easily used by a computer?

I want to find a word that encapsulates the concept of information that can be easily parsed by a computer and does not require a human to interpret the concepts. Imagine you are filling out a form at your doctors office. One section is for describing your illness. One form may have a large blank … Read more

Is there a word/short phrase for “the most” of something (not necessarily the majority)?

I don’t want to use the word “majority” in many contexts because it tends to imply that 50% or more of something has gone one way. However, I don’t know a concise way of saying that something has occurred more than any other. Example: Symbolic of the ‘red wall’ being broken in this election was … Read more