The use of the grammar structure “if” + “would” in context

I stumbled upon it in this video. It is at 1 hour 21 minute and 42 second. If the Israelis would ever once just say we got screwed in 1948, and we are sorry it happened, we would be willing to make peace. I think it is quite clear that the sentence is conditional, thus … Read more

“Haven’t we wasted our time, we’d be in better shape today”

Is the above sentence grammatically correct? Answer This is an example that covers three different points of English grammar which we need to look at separately. First, to look at the tenses, consider a different sentence that avoids the second and third issues: If we have not wasted our time we would be in better … Read more

Constructions after “have to”

According to Murphy’s English Grammar in Use you can use “have to” in all forms, and he offers an example in the past simple and another one in the present perfect tense. Hence, I was wondering if had to followed by a perfect infinitive would be feasible. In Spanish, there are two constructions very similar … Read more