Verb confusion whether to use active or passive

Which of the following is correct? computer games designed to involve many players or computer games were designed to involve many players I assume the latter one is correct. Can anyone explain if it is wrong Answer I think you’re missing some punctuation or, perhaps, a conjunction. Consider: “Computer games, designed to involve many players … Read more

“Bona fide” vs “Bonafide”

Simply put – is it correct to use “Bonafide” instead of “bona fide” (with the space)? I’m planning to name a product, and wondering if I could use the single word and still be correct. Answer ‘wondering if I could use the single word and still be correct’ No. Bona fide is two words, so … Read more

“Conflict” Resolution: How to decide if two words are generally “unmistakable”?

Conflict Resolution in Stenographic Transcription The purpose of this question is for stenography. Stenographers often have “conflicts” in their writing, or in their typing using machine shorthand. This means that a stenographer might write two random words exactly the same way. Just as an example, I will use the words frog and hide. When reading … Read more

“rendered mute” vs “rendered moot”

I have seen both, and now I am unsure when to use which. To the best of my knowledge “rendered mute” is roughly equivalent to “rendered speechless” and “rendered moot” to “rendered irrelevant”. But I have also seen usage that contradicts this. Help? Answer Phrase “rendered moot,” idiom: At some point, this whole debate may … Read more

Why is it ‘Next of Kin’ instead of just ‘Kin’?

Newspaper reports are abound with the phrase Next of Kin especially in the context of accidents. Kin is defined as One’s family and relations. Next of Kin is defined as A person’s closest living relative(s). I don’t get the difference between the two. Wouldn’t just Kin suffice for all purposes. Or rather, wouldn’t Next of … Read more

“array with objects” or “array of objects”

I’m confused regarding the use of “with” and “of”. Should I use “array with objects” or “array of objects”? Why? Answer “Array of elements” denotes that the array is made up of the elements. “Array with elements” denotes that the array is found with or alongside some elements. This can be used much like “with” … Read more