Is “stang” so out of use it is widely considered an incorrect form of “stung”?

I have a sentence in a short story which wants to use ‘stang’ instead of ‘stung’. Dictionaries that include ‘stang’ say it is ‘obsolete’. Would you as a reader accept it? a shriek so fierce her throat stang with it To my ear ‘stung’ doesn’t have the same impact, but perhaps the ‘obsolence’ of stang … Read more

You’ve got or gotten?

I would like to properly use the verb get in the following sentence: “You’ve ___ bigger since the last time I saw you, Bobby.” Should the past tense got be used or the past participle gotten? I know it should be conjugated according to ‘You have’ (present). Answer Here’s a quick way to remember: Have … Read more

Is “have went” gaining common currency in AmE and BrE?

In the following article from English today there is a survey about the usage of the erroneous, but apparently rather commonly used expression “have went” in place of “have gone”: … several speakers, all of them American teachers aged between 55 and 64, informed us that they regularly ‘hear[d] people say have went, not have … Read more

Specializing vs Specialized

Should I use specializing or specialized? Or better, what’s the difference? Microsoft is a German software development company specializing in software development tools for the engineering industry. Or Microsoft is a German software development company specialized in software development tools for the engineering industry. Thanks. EDIT: I did many research among companies presentations without getting … Read more

I have always—and will always—do X? or done X?

(This has gotta be a duplicate, but I didn’t quite manage to find anything…) Is either of the following correct? If so, what is the general rule that makes the other one wrong? I have always—and will always—preferred chocolate over vanilla. I have always—and will always—prefer chocolate over vanilla. I’m aware that I could just … Read more

Are “worshiping” and “worshipping” interchangeable?

Every online source seems to agree with the preconceived notion I had that the correct usage is “worshipping” with two p’s, saying that “worshipping” is an exception to a rule about doubling the leading consonant when the preceding vowel is stressed. However, the spell-checker in my browser seems to think that the correct spelling is … Read more

Is “subjugative” a word?

I recently used the word subjugative in the following sentence: Any company that wants to be “legitimate” (raise money, hire employees, file taxes, distribute shares, etc.) puts itself in a subjugative position toward the government. The dictionary in Google Chrome thinks subjugative is not a word, and I can’t find many dictionary entries for it … Read more