“Schematic Claim”

I would like to know what does “schematic claim” in the following encrypt mean which is from an entry of Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: To consider some of the different strategies for responding to the phenomenon of intersectionality, let’s return to the schematic claims that women are oppressed and this oppression is wrong or unjust. … Read more

Meaning in context

Provine writes: “I forge recklessly into the paleohumorology fray, proposing my candidate for the most ancient joke—the feigned tickle. (Real tickling is disqualified because of its reflexive nature.) The ‘I’m going to get you’ game of the threatened tickle is practiced by human beings worldwide and is the only joke that can be told equally … Read more

Interpretation – “my younger brothers seem never to do anything else.”

I couldn’t accurately understand what is the meaning of the following sentence. “Oh, brothers! I don’t care for brothers. My elder brother won’t die, and my younger brothers seem never to do anything else.” – Wilde, Oscar, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Gutenberg Edition Especially, “my younger bothers seem never to do anything else”. What … Read more

Help me understand “mortal man never smoked their superior in quality.”

I am a Korean reading The Lives of the Great Composers by Harold Schonberg. There’s part of an article quoted from the New York Times describing how Americans welcomed Offenbach in his visit to New York. It goes: Reporters swarmed around him before he had yet landed, and one of them, connected with a Tammany … Read more

What is the definition of dig? If someone begins to cut into a surface is it considered that they have dug something? if not, why not?

According to the following extract: Mrs. Baker wanted to go ice fishing. She read several books on the subject, and finally, after purchasing all the necessary equipment, she went onto the ice. After positioning her comfortable stool, she started to make a circular cut in the ice. Frighteningly, from up above, a voice boomed: ‘There … Read more

Difference between “With all due respect” and “Without disrespect”

What is the difference between the below two phrases? With all due respect and Without disrespect Answer with all due respect, as defined by Cambridge Dictionaries: used to express polite disagreement in a formal situation: With all due respect, Sir, I cannot agree with your last statement. There’s actually no official definition that I could … Read more

Meaning and usage of “as well as”

We use “as well as” to mean “and in addition”, “and also”, but the following sentence completely made me confused: There are roughly 1000 different words for “water,” as well as for “louse”. I know that above mentioned sentence should mean that “there are roughly 1000 different words for “water,” and also for “louse”. Doesn’t … Read more

get the door for her so she doesn’t scrape in on the curb? what does it mean?

the expression comes from the link below https://www.pinterest.co.kr/pin/391742867559861412/ ‘get the door for her so she doesn’t scrape in on the curb’? what does it mean? get the door, I get that picture says it all but ‘so she doesn’t scrape in on the curb’? what does it mean? scrape is like to rip, to rob … Read more

What’s the difference between the “me” and the “I” used in the quote below?

I read the next words (part of a bigger sentence, coming from musical lyrics): But my parents, they lived through the Blitz years, and me, I was sent to a farm. Why are me and I used, instead of: And I, I was sent to a farm. By the way, when I type the last … Read more