What is the difference between “Are you sure to xxx?” and “Do you sure to xxx?”

What is the difference between “Are you sure to xxx?” and “Do you sure to xxx?” I am writing an app that requires to ask the user to confirm some actions. E.g. I want to confirm the user whether to delete a file, Should I use “Are you sure to delete this file?” or “Do … Read more

Standard abbreviations of “portrait” and “landscape”?

The terms “Portrait” and “landscape” are used to describe the orientation of content relative to a page or screen. For the sake of keeping file names short and concise, what would be the best way to abbreviate these terms? I am thinking “vert” and “horiz” could be good, for vertical and horizontal. But I’m not … Read more

“Church Catholic” versus “Catholic Church” is the first form acceptable?

I heard both expressions, but the first sounds more “creedal”. Although, just the second is fine according to the English language norms. When is “Church Catholic” fine to be used? The Merriam Webster definition writes church universal in the same way. Edit: Here’s a quote from Solo Scriptura, Sola Scriptura, and Apostolic Succession by Keith … Read more

Why is “You’re welcomed” wrong?

Welcome is a verb, We welcome you to Rio de Janeiro They welcomed the good news. When we arrived, we weren’t welcomed and a noun. What a lovely welcome. The cold welcome was unexpected. Welcoming is an adjective His cosy home was very welcoming The people of Rio are so friendly and welcoming. Oregon is … Read more

What’s going on with the phrase: “none the wiser”?

Wiktionary gives the example sentence of They were none the wiser from their experience. This grammatical construction/combination of adverb, article and comparative adjective doesn’t prop up too often and must be an old remnant of an English that allowed for more syntactic variation and flexibility. Similar analogues exist with the phrase all the better to … Read more

Why do personal pronouns always come last after a list of nouns?

Why do we always put “I” or “me” at the end of a list of nouns in a sentence. For example we would say “John, Sam, and I are going to the mall” instead of “I, John, and Sam are going to the mall” Is there a grammatical/logical reason for this, or is this just … Read more

Should an article title be capitalized if the word stylization disagrees?

I have students who have turned in their undergraduate thesis with a citation for a website: http://www.foraker.com/ios-app-distribution-options/ The title of this article would be: “IOS App Distribution Options” However iOS is always stylized as “iOS”, thus “iOS App Distribution Options” Given that the the way that titles are normally written disagrees with the way the … Read more