Should there be a comma before “so” in the following sentence?

Consider the following sentence. JS– is an optimizing compiler for the good parts of JavaScript, which helps programmers write efficient and type-safe code so they can develop better quality software and be more productive. This sentence seems all right to me. However, when fed it to, an online grammar checker, it complained about a … Read more

The use of conjunction “and” to avoid repetition

I apologize if my question seems trivial for people who study literature and English language in depth. My question is basically related to the following statements: The existence of X The convergence of X to Y Here, X and Y are nouns. So I would like to ask the following questions: Assuming I combine statement … Read more

When to use “And” at the start of sentence?

I know that and is used to join two sentences or phrases. There are some places I’ve read that have And is used at the beginning of a sentence. What are the occasions when this is done? Answer You start a sentence with a conjunction when you want to call a clause out for special … Read more

Can a conjuction prevent run-on sentences without punctuation?

I understand that run-on sentences join independent clauses without a word to connect them or a punctuation mark to separate them, but can a connecting word suffice to prevent a sentence from running on? (Yeah, I just ended that with a preposition. Grammar Girl’s got my back.) For instance: I know a comma without a … Read more

Is “if you need help or having trouble” correct?

Well, I have been struggling with this for a while now. My friend wrote a piece of documentation for his software, in which he included this sentence: This repository contains [software name] API documentation. If you need help or having trouble please contact us at […]. According to me, the second sentence is not correct … Read more

In this example, is the correct usage ‘she’ or ‘her’?

In this example, is the correct usage ‘she’ or ‘her’? Jenny administers the second high-dose adrenaline shot and her and Bron change places on the table. Chest compressions are tiring, so they switch to ensure they’re maintaining the correct force and weight. or Jenny administers the second high-dose adrenaline shot and she and Bron change … Read more

Is it correct to use “his or her” after “Neither Jake nor Janet…”?

Is the following sentence grammatically correct: “Neither Jake nor Janet brought his or her homework to class.” I understand that it has recently become acceptable to use a singular they for ambiguous gender, but in this situation we can assume Jake is male and Janet is female. Is the sentence formally and grammatically correct as … Read more