in which (year) and in which (city)

Are “year” and “city” optional in the following? John returned to London in 2010, in which (year) he married Joanne. John returned to London, in which (city) he married Joanne. I’d appreciate your help. Answer In the first, “in which” should not be used because it isn’t clear which noun – ‘London’ or ‘2010’ – … Read more

Why “have this habit of” instead of “have a habit of”?

If someone’s rambling on, I have this habit of saying ‘And your point is?’. I have this habit of talking to myself. I have this habit of not being able to control my facial expressions when someone says something stupid or annoying from Instagram tagged as Meme. Why has this been used instead of a … Read more

“These” or “Those” in an essay?

I’m confused with whether I should use “these” or “those” in the context of writing a paper or report in the specific example below. I don’t know how I can do it differently: 1) To detect abnormal features in a patient’s organs, a health provider can tap a patient’s body parts to cause sound waves. … Read more

it VS. this Vs. that

Iv’e never understood what is the difference between the subject pronoun “it” and the demonstratives “this” and “that“. To be precise, I understand well the difference between those two demonstratives (“this” and “that”). “this” is used for when being close physically or when pointing on the object, and “that” is used for when the object … Read more

What is the structural (positive or negative) answer for “Is this a courgette”?

I know that when answering on an question with a structure of interrogative structure, then there is a short structural answer which based on the tense or the lexical verb that the questioner asked. For example: Questioner: Is it tall? Does it go? Short structural answers: Yes, it is. / No, it is not. / … Read more

This or That person

Today I heard a speaker use the phrase “this person”, referring to the subject-person of the story they were telling, and I heard it as (that person). Between the words “this” or “that” in context with the phrase and story-tense, which should you use. Answer The difference between “this” and “that” is that “that” is … Read more

But not everyone realizes that fact. Vs But not everyone realizes this fact

Small churches aren’t just smaller versions of big churches. They have unique gifts, challenges and methods of operation. But not everyone realizes that fact. Including some small church pastors. This often leads to frustration when we go to ministerial conferences or read pastoral books. Why does the writer say that not this? My guess is … Read more

Is “this is questions” ever grammatical?

I know for a fact that you can use plural nouns after “there’s”, which is an existential construction. I encountered a post on Stack Overflow today which went like this: . . . this is questions. Now, of course it was ungrammatical because what the poster actually meant was “these are questions”, but that’s not … Read more

“One of THOSE days” vs “one of THESE days”

I don’t know exactly when we’ll go but we really must visit them one of these / one of those days. When should we use “one of these days” and “one of those days“? Answer One of these days One of those days These are idioms. The former means sometime in the near future. So … Read more