“Although in poor health, she continued…” vs “No matter how poor her health, she continued…”

The following is grammar question from an English as a second language exam My girlfriend was showing me a copy of the exam she took several years ago after finishing high school. We were looking at the questions for fun, and one question was to pick the phrase that completed the sentence correctly. a. Although … Read more

Alternatives to the phrase ‘I was like..’

In recent times I have encountered the phrase ‘I was like…’ a lot. Examples include He told me something, and I was like dude really? I was going along the street, and suddenly something happened, and I was like WTF! Is this a correct form of English? If not what do you think is a … Read more

Is the sequence of words “modulus like parameter” meaningful?

Does the sequence of words “modulus like parameter” mean that the involved parameter can be considered as a modulus even though it can be something different in some cases ? Answer “In this algorithm, P is a modulus like parameter.” : Sounds ok, but written form is better like this : “In this algorithm, P … Read more

Is ‘yeah-nah’ a uniquely Australian idiom?

There is a response in Australian English that means “Yes I hear you and empathise with your situation, but no this course of action won’t work for me.” [Yeah-Nah] I assumed this was a normal part of the English language, until I saw other discussions claiming this to be unique to Australian English. That didn’t … Read more

Overuse of “however” in my scientific writing?

In scientific writing, I always feel the need to logically connect all my sentences to have a clear logical path between beginning and end of a paragraph, else it is just feels like a list of random phrases to me and not a complete argument. However, more often than not, the only fitting connector is … Read more

On opening a sentence with the (quasi-)command, “Look…”

It’s quite common, especially in spoken English, to hear someone begin an explanation with the word, "Look". For example, on US cable news and the like, we often hear an exchange something like this: Interviewer: So, Peter MacPolitician, do you think your party is justified in pushing for tax reform, especially in light of…[bla, bla, … Read more

Usage of ‘and’ vs ‘while’ vs ‘whereas’

I understand that and and while/whereas have different meanings. However, I couldn’t decide which one is more accurate and suitable for the following example. A Line-of-sight (LoS) link is established if blah-blah-blah, and a non-LoS link is established if blah-blah-blah. A Line-of-sight (LoS) link is established if blah-blah-blah, while a non-LoS link is established if … Read more