“Although in poor health, she continued…” vs “No matter how poor her health, she continued…”

The following is grammar question from an English as a second language exam My girlfriend was showing me a copy of the exam she took several years ago after finishing high school. We were looking at the questions for fun, and one question was to pick the phrase that completed the sentence correctly. a. Although … Read more

Should repeated words after an ellipsis be capitalized?

I’ve searched everywhere, including questions about whether to capitalize after a stutter (no), capitalize after an ellipsis (no if it’s a continuation of a sentence, yes if it’s a new sentence), but they don’t really answer my question exactly. Let’s say I have this line of dialogue “What… what happened?!” Should the second “what” be … Read more

Help me to explain this sentence’s grammar

Global temperatures have already risen 0.9℃ and continental temperatures 1.5℃ degrees above pre-industrial levels” This is a sentence from an essay about ice melting and environment changing. It confuses me because the clause after and doesn’t make sense to me: it doesn’t contain any verb and the word degrees is really strange there. It becomes … Read more

Capitalization of a word after an ellipsis

Should I capitalize the word “don’t” in the following sentence? Listen… don’t panic. Answer No, you do not capitalize the word following the ellipsis. I have only ever seen and used spaces in ellipses in academic writing when omitting text from the middle of a quote. For instance, from the Wikipedia article for linguistic ellipses, … Read more