Why is it hard to convey tone of speech through text?

People often say it is hard to convey emotions through text (phone text) and it is best to communicate serious matters face to face. Can I get some examples where a piece of text can have completely different connotations depending on how the reader reads it? And what can we do to ensure we get … Read more

What is the difference between Disappointed and Disillusioned?

I am learning emotional vocabulary. I stuck a bit with two emotion terms, that in Russian refers to the same world. Can you help me to understand the difference between Disappointed and Disillusioned? Thanks! Answer Pulling from your definitions: You are disappointed in a situation, or a person, if you hoped or expected a certain … Read more

Fake sympathy for a past event

What do you call it when you profess inauthentic sympathy for past behavior when that behavior has directly benefited you? Hypothetical Example: my family members from 175 years ago burned down some rival family’s house so that my family could build a house in that spot, and, 175 years later, I discover oil on that … Read more

What word describes this (sort of bitter and exasperated) emotional state?

I’m looking for the word for the sort of bitterness and exasperation as excellently exhibited by Eric Birling of J. B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls: When Eric works out that Sheila has informed their mother of his alcoholism behind his back: Eric: You told her! Why, you little sneak. When Eric finds out that his … Read more

Single word meaning ‘funny if it weren’t so sad’

‘Funny if it weren’t so sad’ is used to describe situations which are very sad, for example because of utter incompetence in a serious situation, so sad in fact that one goes on to say it could be deemed funny. I am specifically looking for a word which emphasises that the funny or comic part … Read more