Using “that” instead of “who”, as a relative pronoun?

When referring to a person, why would anyone use “that” instead of “who”? For example: “The musician that won the award is very creative.” instead of: “The musician who won the award is very creative.” To me, using “that” in this case sounds like saying: “It won the award”, which sounds somewhat disrespectful. What am … Read more

Who are or who is?

I have a sentence: They are planning to have holidays soon. What will be the question? Who IS planning to have their holidays soon? or Who ARE planning to have their holidays soon? Answer It would be who is planning…? You can find the explanation here (TheGrammarExchange) “When ‘who’ and ‘what’ are used to ask … Read more

Is it ok to use “who” in this case?

I need help to verify if this sentence is correct. The original sentence was: Please provide contact details below of a person within the organization who is legally permitted to verify your employment. But then I was asked to add “or department” and now the sentence is: Please provide contact details below of a person … Read more

Using ‘I’ with ‘who’ in a sentence. Is this grammatically correct?

I am not sure whether the following sentence is grammatically correct. Could someone please guide me on this? Is there a better alternative? I am the new CEO of this company who has taken over from Josh. Thanks! Answer “Who” is a pronoun for the subject, and “I” is the subject of this sentence, so … Read more

The all too frequent conundrum involving “who” and “whom”

Sir Reginald Wingate, a British general, is said to have described the Bedouin as “an untrained rabble, most of whom have never fired a rifle.” Should it not have been “who” instead of “whom” in that sentence fragment? Google search for “most of who have” returns about 2,70,00,000 results. While a similar search for “most … Read more

Is it who, whom or, that?

For the phrase, “… more than those that have come before.” what is most correct? Is it who, whom or, that? Answer Whom should be used to refer to the object of a verb or preposition. When in doubt, try this simple trick: If you can replace the word with “he”’ or “’she,” use who. … Read more

How do I choose between ‘who’ or ‘whom’ when the subject pronoun is unclear?

A friend needs help with his who and whom Right on the heels of my recent question regarding why ‘who’ and ‘whom’ present difficulties for so many native and non-native learners, comes another complex case of ‘who’ and ‘whom’. The language of a friend’s report is bureaucratically complicated and his Supervising Teacher, is very pedantic … Read more

Who vs whom in “many of { } are yet to be born”

I understand that when "those" is referred to as the subject of the verb we use "whom", and when "they" is the object we use "who". But consider the following sentence, This is being funded by future taxpayers, many of whom are yet to be born. Are ‘they’ the object of "are" (to be), in … Read more