In what contexts is the phrase “a recent point” used?

There are many kinds of point, but is there a recent point? I can imagine this sort of phrase occurring in a discussion or lecture regarding subject matter that was referenced somehow not too long ago. However, never heard it in speech, although it doesn’t sound bad. Does this phrase occur in English? Answer I … Read more

What does “Ship complete” mean to you?

I’m looking for a better way than “Ship Complete” to say “Do not ship products individually.” “Ship Complete” is an option found in an order entry process. The order process goes as follows: A customer enters their order. The customer chooses from a pre-determined list of delivery locations. They then chooses if they would like … Read more

What does the word “Stone” mean in this context

A book by Salman Rushdie (“Shame”), Hindu–Islamic tensed relations are described. So there are several words starting/containing the word Stone Stonewasher Stone-gang Stone-godly ‘The one-godly went to these cinemas and the washers of stone gods to those; movie-fåns had been partitioned already, in advance of the tired old land. The stone-godly ran the movie business, … Read more

“User interaction” in the context of the USK

I was looking at the USK recommendation for a game that my children want to have. The game is Roblox. It has the rating USK12 due to violence digital purchases user interaction I don’t understand the term “user interaction” here. Every game needs to have user interaction, otherwise it wouldn’t be a game, right? So … Read more

What is difference between timetable and schedule?

I’m building an application that shows schedule/timetable for university students. I’m confused as to what is the correct word for it: schedule or timetable? What should I call it? Here is the result of GitHub search for different queries: university timetable – 359 university schedule – 742 students timetable – 329 students schedule – 1100 … Read more