What is the figure of speech here?

Dictionary.com defines celluloid as of or involving motion pictures The boots have been immortalised on celluloid in her latest film, Strictly Sinatra, directed by Peter Capaldi. [Lexico] I was wondering if this constitutes some figure of speech? Answer That is metonymy /mɪˈtɒnɪmi/ the substitution of the name of an attribute or adjunct for that of … Read more

“[NOUN] in veins” eg. “MUSICIAN in veins” meaning

Phrase: "Musician in veins" Is it correct? Can it be misinterpreted? Is it easily understandable for english speaking person? How do YOU understand it? Answer Saying that someone has music in their veins has two primary meanings: The person is a skilled musician, to the point that musical skill appears to be a part of … Read more

what does ” We have to flip the leadership playbook.” mean?

We have to flip the leadership playbook. ( From TED) What does this mean? To learn from the metaphorical playbook or to upend it? Answer Haven’t watched the video, but from the quote it would be the same as what Merriam Webster describes as ‘flip the script’: flip the script informal : to achieve an … Read more

Commentator on Steph Curry’s three-pointer – “… like the fries are at the bottom”. What does that mean here?

Okay, so there was a recent basketball game between the Golden State Warriors (GSW) and the Los Angeles Clippers, where GSW — the underdog — came back from a 22-point deficit to beat the Clippers by 10 points. Around the last minute of the game, Steph Curry hit a three-pointer over one of the star … Read more

Can I say the action noun in this usage

I want to say ‘the city is destroyed into ashes’ more poetically and uniquely. Can I say ‘the city is with destruction into ashes’? More specifically, there’s no city because of destruction and just the ashes are left. Answer You cannot say "destroyed into" at all. Nor can you say "the city is with destruction" … Read more

Figurative Meaning of “Migrate”

It wasn’t clear whether Jett had been the mastermind behind this accounting glitch or if more senior management had been aware of the false profits, but these two facts were clear: (1) Kidder’s accounting system had failed to disclose $350 million of losses from Strips trading, and (2) Jett, before he was fired, had been … Read more

unusual usage of bellowing

Explosions shook the ground, artillery shells, mortars and bombs continuously rained down, fires blazed, and smoke bellowed high into the sky. Doesn’t bellowing mean “make a loud sound”? If that’s the case, then why are we using it as if it meant “moving high into the sky”? It doesn’t make sense. What kind of figure … Read more