Short quotation over two paragraphs

If I am quoting two short consecutive sentences, but the first sentence is the last of a paragraph and the second sentence is the first sentence of the following paragraph, how do I show this? Must I use a block quote? Answer You have several options for dealing with the issue of combining sentences from … Read more

Should I use a hyphen, an en dash, or an em dash to define or introduce a word?

I have looked up online and studied usages for the hyphen, en dash, and em dash. I still haven’t found an answer if I can define words with a dash in English. The backstory on dashes defining vocabularies I am bilingual in Russian and English. Back then when I was in a Russian school, we … Read more

How should the name of a series of books be formatted?

I know that you underline – or if you’re typing, you put the words in italics – the titles of books, and that you put chapters or quotations from a book in “quotes,” but do you do anything to the font of a series of books; for example, Ranger’s Apprentice? I’m using this in an … Read more

How should I shorten a very wordy title?

I want to mention a very long title which doesn’t have a good shortening using one continuous chunk: An account of a method of dividing astronomical and other instruments, by ocular inspection; in which the usual tools for graduating are not employed; the whole operation being so contrived, that no error can occur but what … Read more

How should “sensei” be formatted when used alone? Capitalising when addressing someone – using their job title, rank or role in place of a name

Example sentence: Thank you, sensei. Should it be Sensei, sensei, or sensei? I searched on Google books and I found many versions. (One problem, though, is that I can’t see the italics.) Answer It should be… Thank you, Sensei. …with initial capital, but without italics. When addressing someone – using their job title, rank or … Read more

Shoud I use a new line after Hi (someone’s name) in e-mail?

In an e-mail, suppose we start with Hi John. Should I follow with Hi John, some content (i) or Hi John, some content (ii) Is there any etiquette behind choice (i) vs (ii)? Answer You should use two new lines, so that there is a blank line between the “Hi John,” and the beginning of … Read more

What nonstandard ways of denoting that something is the title of a work of literature exist?

Recently, for school, I have been taking a fair number of tests through google forms. Unfortunately, in google forms it is impossible to italicize or underline text, so when I write in the title of a book, I am not able to denote in a normal way the fact that those words refer to a … Read more