How to address a former president in a letter?

I would like to ask how to address a former president on a letter. Should I write “Dear Mr. Obama” or “Dear Former President Obama”? I found this information: Begin the letter. Although style guides vary, when addressing letters to former presidents, it is appropriate to use “Mr.” and his last name. Therefore, the greeting … Read more

What’s a good title for firefighters?

When addressing police or jail staff, a lot of times you address them as “[Rank] [Last Name]”, such as “Sgt. Smith” or “Lt. Reynolds”. If you don’t know their rank though, you can resort to “Officer [Last Name]”. (Again, I’m just referring to police and jail guards there, not military.) What’s the equivalent for firefighters? … Read more

Do you use “to whom it may concern:” with “Dear Mr./Mrs” or only pick one?

I’ve seen example where people use both, for example: To Whom It May Concern: Dear Mr., I am writing to apply… OR is the correct usage this: To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to apply… Secondly, should "to whom it may concern" also be put into the address portion of the cover letter? … Read more

How to address in a formal email

Can I address Good Morning / Afternoon after addressing ‘Dear XYZ,’ in a formal email. Thanks Ankit Answer No, it would not be either formal or natural. This line in the email is called a pleasantry. Suggestions for appropriate pleasantries in a formal email include: I hope you’re well I hope all is well I … Read more

Formal title/honorific for a lawyer

Let’s say there is a lawyer named Sue Smith. She could be referred to as Ms. Smith, but is there a different formal prepended honorific specific to lawyers? Particularly when addressing one directly. Answer I’ve never heard of a prefix (assuming you mean prepended honorific) used for lawyers the way Doctor or Professor are used. … Read more

In the US, on what occasion do you say “sir” when your listener is obviously younger than you?

I’m Asian who learned English at school. Our teachers taught us in class to add "sir" to be polite when talking to men. I’d assumed that you say so only when your listener is older than you. But after growing up, when I happened to watch an American TV drama (about everyday life) and was … Read more

What should I address while there are two women teachers?

I have to write a note to my course teachers and both of them are women. So, how should I address them? Dear Ma’ams or Dear Madames or anything else? Answer If possible, you should use their names. It is generally rather impolite to use "Dear Madam" when writing to someone whose name you know, … Read more