In the given sentence, what is the meaning of shot

Rasheed shot her a sidelong glance. He made a sound between a sigh and a groan, dropped his legs from the table, and turned off the radio. He took it upstairs to his room. He closed the door. Answer In this instance, I believe it should be interpreted as “Looked at, quickly” AttributionSource : Link … Read more

A word for the meeting place of opposites

I am in search of a word that represents a place or a situation where opposites meet. The nearest word that I can find for it is the word horizon which according to oxford dictionary means “The line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet”. My concern here is that horizon … Read more

fall behind with or on

When we use “fall behind with” and “fall behind on”? I mean when we use that verb with “with” and when we use with “on”? He was ill for six weeks and fell behind with his schoolwork. I’ve fallen behind on the mortgage payments. are both sentences above correct? Answer Oxford Learners Dictionaries says they … Read more

“Further the goal”: is this use correct?

Does the word “Further” fit naturally in the following sentence? “The modern thinkers believe that by attracting the young generation towards museums, the management furthers the fundamental goal of the museums which is to educate the masses about their history.” Here I want to say that the goal of the museums is to educate the … Read more

Is there a word for a sentence that becomes false for having been said?

There exist some statements that become untrue simple because someone has said them publicly. A conceptual example might be I have never said the word: contumacious. A more realistic example might be 0QlmIfMjYFLUrCtBT8qd is a secure password. These kinds of statements are probably not common, but is there any single word or phrase that can … Read more

Search results in results

“Term has X search results” “A search for term has X results* “A search for term resulted in X results” Is anyone else confused by this? A “search” generally “results” in something, but lacking an alternative to “results” (like “items” or “records”) you end up with duplicity (#3). No. 2, the alternative, has “search” “contain” … Read more

Teach + Uncommon Object

After I asked a question on Psychology and Neuroscience SE, some confusion arose over my use of the phrase ‘to teach a disorder’ I was told that ‘to teach a disorder’ is a poor choice of words when trying to convey that … I am not asking whether people can be taught but whether the … Read more

What’s the difference between criticise and reprimand, are they synonymous?

I’m and ESL teacher and the word reprimand came up in the lesson. I asked the student to define “reprimand” and he said it means to criticise someone. I don’t feel that the words are synonymous. For the life of me, I cannot find any information on this. Can someone assist? Answer ‘Reprimand’ implies a … Read more

A question about ‘reptiles and volatiles’ to describe creatures

I noticed in the Wycliffe Bible, in early Genesis, that the description of ‘creeping creatures’ and ‘flying creatures’ was ‘reptiles and volatiles’. I had not heard or read of bird species being called ‘volatile’ before. Apparently it is from the Latin volare, to fly, and comes through the French volatil. ‘Reptile’, I understand, comes from … Read more