what does “suit up” mean

I am reading the script of a TV series “How I Met Your Mother” The script has this sentence: Hey, you want to do somethin’ tonight? Okay, meet me at the bar in 15 minutes. And suit up! Where’s your suit? Just once, when I say suit up, I wish you’d put on a suit. … Read more

what does the term “Partridge Family” mean?

I read an article http://www.details.com/celebrities-entertainment/cover-stars/201205/chris-evans-avengers?currentPage=3 And Scarlett Johansson (an actress) said about Chris Evans (an actor) I feel like he grew up with the Partridge Family. He’d be just as happy doing Guys and Dolls as he would Captain America 2 So what does the term “Partridge Family” mean? is it like a family that … Read more

Would you please tell me what “than that of” means here?

“Look into the motives which have induced men, once united by their common needs in a general society, to unite themselves still more intimately by means of civil societies: you will find no other motive than that of assuring the property, life and liberty of each member by the protection of all.” Would anyone please … Read more

Would you help me with understanding these words?

DOCTORSHIP Doctorate Would anyone tell me which one do you use? and is there any difference between them? I can not find anything useful as to this matter. Many thanks Answer I found that the words’ meanings are the same. However, ‘Doctorship’ is archaic. Doctorship (n) – (university, archaic) the degree of doctor, a doctorate … Read more

How acceptable is it to use “it’s like” (or just “like”) as a filler word?

I am not a native English speaker myself but I am very annoyed by the fact that a lot of people these days, native and also non-native English speakers, are continuously using the expression “it’s like” or just “like” in oral speech as a sort of link between ideas, phrases or just words. Transcribing a … Read more