Is there a way to locate something relative to a grave?

In Persian, objects can be located in respect to a grave. For instance, and these are words that I’ve made up myself just to give you an idea of what I’m looking for: Upper head region: Any place above the position of the head of the corpse. Under feet region: The region after the feet … Read more

why do we use phrasal verbs in English?

I want to know why we use phrasal verbs? I saw many phrasal verbs that have similar meaning with a verb. why do we use them when there are verbs? Answer We use a phrasal verb (e.g. put down to) instead of its single-word equivalent (attribute) for the same reason that we choose between any … Read more

Difference between coin (v.) and term (v.)

I am working on my scholarship exam but, as a non-native, I found this question pretty confusing. Some critics say the 1990s saw what could be (…..) a computer revolution. By the mid 1990s the number of people buying personal computers increased significantly. (A) changed (B) coined (C) termed (D) viewed The answer key provided … Read more

Meaning of “You missed it by just a hare”

What does the sentence “You missed it by just a hare” mean, in this context: Think these are rabbits? You missed it by just a hare If the context is about rabbit. What are the possible meanings of the bold sentence? Answer Edit: The writer is making a pun on the homophones “hair” and “hare.” … Read more

English word for “product of tinkering”

Is there an English word for a “product made by tinkering”. Such as “Bastel” in German, or “bricolage” in French. If you need an example sentence: Das ist keine Software, das ist ein(e) Bastel(ei). Ce n’est pas du logiciel, c’est un bricolage. (That’s not software, that’s a ____ ) Connotation of this is, that the … Read more

One word for a curious child

What would you call (in a single word) a child that asks a lot of questions, leading you to admire that fact? (In Russian, for example, there is such a word. Is there in English?) Answer The adjective ‘inquisitive’ may be what you’re looking for. It is defined: ‘having or showing an interest in learning … Read more

What’s the meaning of “our family gatherings are pretty chaotic” in this context?

What’s the meaning of “our family gatherings are pretty chaotic” in this context? Teacher: Tell me about your family. Student: Well, my immediate family is relatively small, just my parents, my two brothers and me. But both of my parents come from very large families so my extended family is very large – I have … Read more

What does “MV” mean in soccer transfer context?

Please take a look at this screenshot: As I’ve highlighted, there are two column named “MV” and “Free” in the table. What are those two refer to? According to Wikipedia, MV stands for “Market Value”. Ok, but what does it mean? It means the average amount for a transfer in the session? Also, what’s the … Read more