Singular they = general they

Well, here is the situation. I have four students. They did a test. Suppose that the regulation is a student getting a score below 40 gets the remark “study hard” which is written at the bottom of the work instead of a numerical score. When I want to confirm this, may I say: They get … Read more

How to avoid mixing past and present tense in narration?

I looked through the related questions, but I didn’t find any concrete advice. I understand that it’s OK to do so. I’m not sure how common it is, but I’m a beginner writer and want to keep things as simple as possible. I can pick up that fancy stuff later. To illustrate the problem, I’ll … Read more

Which one is correct to use, first-person form or third person form?

In the below sentence, should “implement” need to be in a first person form or third person form as it is now? This Regulation is set up with a view to ensure that subject people comply with ruleA and ruleB, and properly implements their responsible works. Answer If implements refers to the Regulation, it must … Read more

Logical/Etymological reason for unique conjugation of third person singular present tense

In most English verbs, there is a consistent pattern in the conjugation of present and past tense. For past tense, the same inflection is used for each grammatical person, but in present tense, third person singular stands apart from the rest. For example, with run: Past tense: I ran / you ran / we ran … Read more

“Me who is” or “me who am”?

Generally the verb following who agrees with the subject or object that precedes the who. This makes sense and is expected. When the subject or object that the who refers to is singular, the verb is singular; when the subject or object is plural the verb is plural Such does not seem to be the … Read more

Is there a grammatical name for the third-person ‘you’?

I’ve had this conversation several times in my life, where I use a second-person pronoun when actually using the third-person: "If you were dressed up as a clown at night holding black balloons, I would be suspicious too!" "I would never dress like a clown." Or exempting the ‘if’ from the sentence: "You choose to … Read more

One of us is wrong, aren’t we?

I have just learned from what I consider a reliable source, that the following sentence is correct: One of us is wrong, aren’t we? I would never in my life have written this, but I am assured that this is exactly how it would be written As I realize comments don’t live forever I will … Read more