(The) Putin’s ratings shot up. Is the definite article allowed here?

In a sentence where the definite article precedes someone’s name, as in this example: The war campaign has boosted the Putin’s ratings. could the definite article be used? Would the above example be incorrect, if one desired to preserve the order of words in the sentence and the definite article seemed necessary? Answer You should … Read more

Why do Russian names transliterated into English have unpronounceable ‘k’s before ‘h’s (e.g. ‘Mikhail’ instead of just ‘Mihail’)?

Why can’t it be just ‘Mihail’? I guess the ‘k’ is inserted to ensure correct pronunciation, but I don’t see how ‘Mikhail’ and ‘Mihail’ are pronounced differently. Answer Since the differences in pronunciation have been thoroughly discussed, I’d like to point one the consistency of transliteration. The spelling Mikhail simply follows the common convention “х=kh”. … Read more

How do Americans respond when asked for their names?

I heard a character on TV, when asked for his name, responded: My name is Bond, James Bond. Why doesn’t Mr. 007 reply, “My name is James Bond”. I am not familiar with first/middle/last name concept much, as in my region we have mostly our full names and father/family names at the end. i.e. (Full … Read more

Possessive Form of a Proper Noun Ending in a Plural Noun Ending in “s”? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Which singular names ending in “s” form possessives with only a bare apostrophe? (3 answers) Closed 4 years ago. I don’t think this has yet been covered in any of the other questions on similar topics. There was one other very similar question, however, it was not specifically talking … Read more