What does the hyphen (“-“) here mean?

Today, when reading Lannquist,2020, p.7, I saw the second hyphen "–" but I do not understand what the author wants to imply. “smart‑contract”‑driven wholesale CBDC applications (e.g. “atomic swaps and securities transactions”). So, in this case, does the second hyphen mean that driven wholesale CBDC applications are an alternative name of "smart-contract"? Answer The author … Read more

“number one way” hyphen

The number (-) one way to make someone less stressed is to appreciate them and their struggle, support them no matter what, and share your experience of dealing with a similar problem. Should there be a hyphen in "number-one way"? CMOS says number + noun (a hundred-meter race, a 250-page book, a fifty-year project) are … Read more

Is it correct to say “how-many-day a tour was it”?

How-many-day a tour was it? How many days was the tour? How many days of tour were you on? How-many-day tour of Cambridge were you on? Are the above sentences grammatically correct? I understand that there are simpler ways to ask that question, such as "how long was the tour?" or "how many days did … Read more

Is it (patho)physiological, (patho-)physiological or (patho)-physiological?

I’m not sure what the correct usage of hyphens is if they are used to provide a word alternative. Example: These are released from cells under certain (patho)physiological conditions. Bonus question: How is this grammatical construct called? Answer Did you check any dictionaries? Merriam-Webster pathophysiology the physiology of abnormal states; specifically : the functional changes … Read more

Are noun+noun and noun’s (aphostrope) + noun the same?

First, please see these examples: Noun+noun: a three-hour journey a ten-pound note a four-week course noun + ‘s + noun: I’ve got a week’s holiday starting on Monday. Julia has got three weeks’ holiday. I live near the station and it’s only ten-minutes’ walk. Are those the same way to say something? I mean, for … Read more

How should an „anti-human trafficking operation“ be hyphenated?

How should an „anti-human trafficking operation“ be hyphenated? I recently saw this expression in a newspaper article, with a hyphen between „anti“ and „human“. It took me some time to figure out that it meant an operation against trafficking of humans, and not a trafficking operation that was anti-human. Are there rules for hyphenation when … Read more

What is the usage of the tailing hyphen without connecting to the second word?

The paper I am reading says, On the other hand, the side of the split comes from challenges made in the 1970s to the primarily white, non-disabled, heterosexual, and otherwise privileged mainstream feminist movement- challenges to the ability and appropriateness of a privileged subgroup of women dictating the interests of all women (Hines, 2018). What … Read more