Concisely describe non-time sensitive measurements

I am working on profiling a graphical PC application. In this context, profiling is the act of taking measurements, mostly time based (like “time elapsed while rendering x”), but also some simple values (like “the number of x used” where x is not a unit of time). Multiple of “the same” measurements are taken by … Read more

What proverb describes getting out from trouble but ending up in another one?

I remember reading something like “out from something’s mouth/jaws (like a dragon) and into another…” Answer It’s not a dragon, but it’s nevertheless very warm: Out of the frying pan into the fire The phrase out of the frying pan into the fire is used to describe the situation of moving or getting from a … Read more

Is there an English equivalent of the proverb 水清ければ魚棲まず (if the water is clear, fish won’t live there)?

The proverb’s meaning is that just as fish prefer muddy waters and avoid clear streams, people generally do not associate with those who are too ideal in terms of ethics, manners, and habits. In other words, being strictly honest and always making the right choice from the standpoint of society-imposed values will result in you … Read more

Is there an English word to describe when a sound “protrudes”?

I was going to go with “protrude” but I’m getting told it is not used in this sense and it wouldn’t be understood. It’s to describe the situation where the TV is on but you are doing something else and not paying attention, so the sound is like a white noise to you. Then there … Read more

Including extra material as a means of distracting from primary material

I’m looking for a term that is essentially a diversionary tactic, and which I will explain by example. I have been told that some filmmakers deliberately add blatantly gratuitous material into what they submit to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA, the group responsible for censoring/rating movies). This is done so that MPAA reviewers … Read more

When a limited but working version of something is better

There is a Persian proverb (“One habitable village is better than one hundred desolated towns“) which emphasizes that a limited and small-scale but working thing (e.g. a solution or an achievement) is much better than several ones that do not work or could not be leveraged. Is there any equivalent proverb/idiom for that in English? … Read more