Comparatives and superlatives for the word “statistic”

Let’s say, there was a bar chart giving 2 different pieces of data for 3 groups. – Monkeys was the ______________ statistic. If you needed to complete the sentence above with a superlative adjective, what would you fill in the blank? Answer One could easily (and best) use “least/most/more” along with another descriptor that defines … Read more

Is it essential to use comma in a big number?

Is it necessary to use comma in a big number? For example, if anyone writes one million four hundred thousand and two as 1400002 instead of 1,400,002 on answer sheet of listening section of IELTS test, will it be considered incorrect? Thanks in advance. Answer I can’t say for certain if this is an authoritative … Read more

What is a “Cornucopian government”?

The following excerpt is taken from a best-selling vocabulary workbook: Check your English Vocabulary for IELTS page 52, Q7. The Cornucopian government made this sudden decision to dissuade / rescind / sever diplomatic relations with their neighbouring countries. The answer is sever. I admit I had to look up the adjective, Cornucopian. Although I knew … Read more