“Be an average height” vs. “be the average height”

Would you please tell me if I need to use an or the in before average in the context below? 176cm is an/the average height for men in the US. I’ve heard both. Are both acceptable? If so, can you tell me what is the slight difference between them. Answer You would say "176cm is … Read more

“Solid Like Stone” vs “Solid Like A Stone”, which one would you prefer?

I found both forms (with and without "a") on the Internet. I don’t know which one is more acceptable. Is it an idiom? https://wolfstone.za.com/blog/1-solid-like-stone-to-stone-like-solid https://seekingalpha.com/article/2095473-suncor-energy-solid-like-a-stone Answer As this Ngram graph shows, neither expression is particularly common: in my opinion, neither is idiomatic either. Reading the full text of the two articles, there are sufficient grammatical … Read more

Why doesn’t “autism spectrum disorder” require an indefinite article?

Example sentence: He may have a personality disorder, a depressive disorder, or autism spectrum disorder. Why is that personality disorder and depressive disorder requires an a but not autism spectrum disorder? (Or maybe I’m wrong about this?) Answer Because ASD is the name of a condition (and is often written with initial capitals). The other … Read more

Raindrops on the window pane – with the definite article?

Yesterday I took a photo of raindrops and posted it to Instagram. I used “Raindrops on the window pane” as the description. Then I started to think: Why did I use the definite article here? When I said the phrase in my mind with the indefinite article, “Raindrops on a window pane”, it didn’t sound … Read more

Why should I use “a” before “a bit better”, “a littlge highter” “a bit harsh”?

in this phrase(I am not sure this is a phrase)but Why should I use "a" before "a bit better", "a little higher" and "a bit harsh"? I know this is an article( a or the) and I know why I need to use a or the before such as an apple, the school, a store … Read more

Should the indefinite or zero article be used with the phrase “low cost”

You can build your first app on a small, single database at low cost in the serverless compute tier or a small compute size in the provisioned. Should we use the indefinite article (a low cost) or the zero article (low cost omitting "a") in the sentence above? Answer Either the "a article" or the … Read more

Using the “a” article with “specific”

Let’s say there’s a service that allows me to create and edit web pages. And I’m filing a bug report: I can’t edit a specific page: https://… On one hand, using "specific" suggests "the," but it’s the first time I’m mentioning the page, which suggests "a." What should I use? On a side note, I … Read more