“I am THE weekend engineer assigned to your ticket” or “I am A weekend engineer assigned to your ticket”

I understand this question is very similar to hundreds of previously asked ones, but we still cannot come to an agreement, and maybe we’ll be fighting each other soon. Which version is correct? “Hello, My name is <>, and I’m the weekend engineer assigned to your case” “Hello, My name is <>, and I’m a … Read more

Why articles being ommited sometime?

Sometime before nouns there’s no definite or indefinite articles like in this sentence (before representatives and congressional districts): The House of Representative is composed of representatives elected from congressional districts. Answer Plural nouns do not require articles. A singular noun does. There is a singular house and multiple representatives in “The House of Representatives”, which … Read more

‘On behalf of’ usage

I have read many sentences making use of ‘on behalf of’ meaning ‘as a representative of’. I know behalf is a noun, so when we could use ‘on the behalf of’ in a sentence? I consulted many websites, but none of them used ‘the’ article before ‘behalf’. Is it wrong to use ‘the’ before this … Read more

Why would “an mule” be used instead of “a mule”?

As generally agreed and as extensively discussed in this question, "an" should be used in place of the more common "a" where the following word begins with a vowel sound. I have just encountered for the first time an instance of the phrasing an mule in the book Why Chemical Reactions Happen (James Keeler and … Read more

“A larger” vs “larger” to describe the sample size of a study

I wrote a sentence: A study with a larger sample size is required to make more conclusive remarks. Grammarly tells me it should be, “A study with larger sample size is required to make more conclusive remarks”. Is this true? My sentence sounds correct to me. If yes, why? Answer Grammarly detects size as uncountable … Read more

“It was an April” vs “It was in April”

“It was an April afternoon. And the warm breezes of approaching summer had sent everyone, including Grandfather, indoors”. The above sentences are from the story ‘Adventures in a Banyan Tree’ by the Indian English writer Ruskin Bond. (The context of the story is a school boy’s summer vacation excitements and experiences, which he narrates after … Read more

Repetition of the indefinite article with several nouns

Now there’s another question for the repetition of indefinite article with several adjectives, but my question here is rather about nouns. Examples: She’s a manager and a shareholder. or She’s a manager and shareholder. Do we make use of only one indefinite article or add several? Answer For lists of two, either works. When the … Read more

Why there is no article before venture capital firm in “Beller’s first high-profile role was at venture capital firm Andreessen Horwitz, ..”?

Beller’s first high-profile role was at venture capital firm Andreessen Horwitz, where she was a partner on the deal team between 2013 and 2016. Source Does the same rule apply to the sentence above as to the expressions like at work, in hospital, and at school? Is Beller’s first high-profile role was at a venture … Read more

Indefinite article – are there any exceptions for proper nouns? “an Aristides” vs “Aristides”

I was going through Leviathan of Hobbes today and I think I spotted an error. “and every Citizen bringing his Oystershell into the market place, written with the name of him he desired should be banished, without actuall accusing him, sometimes banished an Aristides, for his reputation of Justice;“ Would leaving out the article preceding … Read more