What is the subject in a passive infinitive sentence saying “to be considered for a promotion”

Once the employees have completed the company’s largest project successfully, they will be offered an opportunity to be considered for a promotion. I found that sentence in my English book and this is a little bit confusing because I am not sure WHO consider the opportunity between the employees and the company. First, I understand … Read more

Is it idiomatically to say “It is doesn’t …”?

Several times I met the phrase as: “It is currently doesn’t …”, for example “It is currently doesn’t work…”. First of all, it seems that the phrase itself is grammatically incorrect, because the verb “to be” used in the beginning (“is”) implies an object, which seems to be not present here. However, I am wondering … Read more

When i quote you from him you do not listen but when i quote you from Einstein you listen

Feeling great to join this network. I appreciate it. I have a question: is it better to use the word quote or cite in such situation talking with a hypocrite person? “When I quote you from him you do not listen but when I quote you from Einstein you listen.” or “When I cite you … Read more

What is the subject in “The gift Karen gave to her brother is a teddy bear”?

I am unable to ascertain what would be the subject in the following sentence. The gift Karen gave to her brother is a teddy bear. Here the relative pronoun (that) has been omitted after the word gift. If I keep this in mind, then I can rewrite the sentence as Karen gave the gift to … Read more

what is the direct object & the indirect object in the sentence in my post

I am trying to learn about direct and indirect objects. My question is sadly very simple but I’m unsure. In the sentence below what is the direct object & what is the indirect object? She should explain it to me. So I think the subject is She Verb is explain the direct object I believe … Read more

Using “With” as Part of Indirect Object or Prepositional Phrase

Update Oddly, the question was closed for “being unclear what you’re asking” — even though it is quite clear what I was asking since (1) I asked a direct question and (2) people gave very specific and directed responses that answered the question. I’m finding myself confused over what is a direct object and what … Read more

Do I need a “with” in the following sentence?

Usually, I know the answer. But the following sentence confuses me: Was he the man she had shared her flesh and feelings (with) for four years? Is the with necessary? Why or why not? Answer The answer is yes. In given sentence you mentioned a person the thing is shared with so it’s natural to … Read more