Interpretation: relative clause after a prepositional phrase

Let’s consider the following sentence: He loves these books on a shelf that his dad gave him. I’ m a bit confused about the meaning the sentence conveys. To my knowledge, I think this sentence can be interpreted as follows. Interpretation 1. He loves these books, and they are placed on a shelf. These books … Read more

Meaning of “When the sentences are as finely tuned as Garner’s, music as much as character is fate”

What “communicates” with the “creature” inside these characters is music more than speech. This book is short the way Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus” is short—it passes over in silence what language could only obscure and falsify. Garner, like the skilled musician, knows how to leave a silence, how to keep domains of privacy and mystery intact. In … Read more

What does “working as a flower a-ranger” mean?

I remember reading the following comment thread below the question "How did the Rangers of the North make a living in the Lord of the Rings?": [4 upvotes] Working as a flower a-ranger – User1 [2 upvotes] @User1: flagged – User2 [1 upvotes] @User2: For making a bad pun? – User1 (I apologize for … Read more

Meaning of “something fancy and successful about her”

Doctor Fox looked at Elizabeth as he chewed, and nodded and smiled. She must be nearly forty now, like Dex. Thank God they were never foolish enough to marry, though no doubt Dexter had poked her when they were students. He felt like laughing. She was quite plainly not the marrying kind. Children out of … Read more

Meaning of “He was in its moral universe”

He sat at the ravaged table and watched the girl dry herself with efficient strokes, sawing between her toes and twisting her shoulders to reach the backs of her thighs. This was modern life, then, this seamless logic, this common sense, this silent tit-for-tat. This was what people did. He did not like it. He … Read more

Meaning of “two empty sets of garments hung opposite each other in a cupboard.”

‘Where have you been all day?’ said Philip. ‘I waited for you. Let’s go out and eat.’ ‘I’m going on the train. Tonight.’ ‘Wait another couple of days. We’ll fly back.’ She shook her head. The music stopped and the screen was filled with the smiling face of a young man. ‘Course,’ said the man, … Read more