Is it “glowed” or “glown” when conjugating “glow”?

I want to say he’s glown with brilliance but the spell checker barks at me for misspelling, like if it prefers glowed. This resource commands the latter, while this one the exact opposite. I’ve also found this answer giving me little understanding as they seem not to suggest any. Checking Wikipedia confused me even more … Read more

When to use been instead of was?

In this sentence … but I’d rather focus on the future rather than what’s been we see “been” at the end, I would never think to make it that way, I would put “was”. … but I’d rather focus on the future rather than what was Please explain? Source. Answer It’s what’s been because it’s … Read more

Would you tell me more info about Minced and ground?

I would like to know some info about minced and ground. I think there’s no big difference in meaning. I would like to know which one is commonly used in the USA? Can they both be used with the words Chicken, meat, beef, or any other similar word? Correct me if I’m wrong: When I … Read more

Irregular verbs with two past forms

Is there any grammar to explain how some irregular verbs like “input” and “output” have two past forms? I’ve seen both “input/inputted” and “output/outputted” in written and spoken English. Based on that “in” and “out” are just prefixes and the core verb is “put” that is only irregular, how is that correct and possible? I … Read more

to born or to be born?

Which conjugation for the verb “born” is correct? “Born” or “be born”? I mean: -One baby borns every day all around the world. // One baby is born every day all around the world. -I born the first of September,1999// I am born the first of September,1999 -Good ideas born from those who expect patiently.// … Read more

“Five foot ten” or “five feet ten”?

I’m not sure if this sort of question has ever been asked, and it’s surprisingly difficult to do a productive generic search for this contextual expression (contextual as in involving numbers). I always thought it was grammatical to say “[number other than 1] feet [number]”, but I’ve recently come across this quote from Mia March’s … Read more