Using words used as words: Why am I confusing myself?

Humans, naturally, prefer simple over complex. I would think that in the above sentence, both simple and complex are words used as words. (Though, perhaps, not as clear as it is in the preceding sentence.) Yet, I still feel confused. The source of my confusion is that I would not think of italicizing red and … Read more

Use of italics and BrE single quotation marks

I’d like to know when to use italics and when to use single quotation marks should be used. For example: The word he was looking for was ‘abjuration’. vs The word he was looking for was abjuration. Answer I consulted The Oxford Guide to Style (2002) to see what a style guide focused on British … Read more

Editing quotations with square brackets and italics at the same time

I have the following sentence from the Time Magazine, which I use as an example sentence on a flashcard: At its best, Losers is a sluggish, stream-of-concupiscence exposition of what Sartre called nausea. I want to make clear that the complete title of the book is Beautiful Losers and that the author is Leonard Cohen. … Read more

So, are single quotes, double quotes or italics most appropriate here?

I know, I know – similar questions have been asked before, but after reading so many answers here and elsewhere my intuitions have been scrambled and I have lost confidence in my normal practice… Stylistics originally developed out of what was known in the past as ‘rhetoric’. Stylistics originally developed out of what was known … Read more

Abbreviations in italic?

I’m writing a report for my master thesis and I’m pretty unsure when to use italics. I have found some guidelines in the internet but I still have some questions. I’m using abbreviations like ROC for receiver operating characteristics and AUC for area under the curve or CSV for comma separated values. These abbreviations are … Read more

Scientific Nomenclature: italics or roman in an italic environment

Scientific Nomenclature says that: Italics are used for bacterial and viral taxa at the level of family and below. All bacterial and many viral genes are italicized. Serovars of Salmonella enterica are not italicized When a sentence with a viral name is in an italicized environment (in a quote, in a reference list), should it … Read more

Why are vessel names italicized?

Can anyone tell me the reason vessel names, boats or spaceships for example, always appear in italics? Answer Depending on the style guide the author or company uses, they can appear either italicized or not. Most newspapers use AP Style, but companies like the NY Times have their own style manual, which is respectively similar … Read more