Is the right term to call the children of your sister wives in a polygynous marriage “stepchildren”?

I came across this issue while describing in writing the relatives of a woman commonly known in the West as Princess Haya. Princess Haya is the youngest of four current wives of the current ruler of Dubai (and the sixth person to ever be once of his wives as he divorced two of his previous … Read more

Gender-neutral version of widow & widower?

Would it make more sense to use a third, different word, e.g. “spouse” instead of wife & husband, or use one of them, e.g. “actor” for actor & actress. “Widow” seems like the obvious choice, since it’s the simpler of the two. Answer One good option is surviving spouse: A spouse who lives longer than … Read more

What’s the name for Gary and Harry’s blood relationship?

Imagine that Gary and Harry are these two guys in a hypothetical family, described in English below and in this diagram represented by the green cells at the bottom: As you see, Gary and Harry are related to each other by blood, so one is the other’s something or other. What I want to know … Read more

How do you call husband’s brother-in-law?

I did some search online but couldn’t find an answer, How do you call husband’s brother-in-law? Answer In a comment, FumbleFingers wrote: Your husband’s brother-in-law could be your brother! Or his sister’s husband. Anglophones don’t tend to care much about such things, so we don’t mind using the same expression for both those relationships. To … Read more

Is there a word for my father’s ex-wife’s brother?

My father was married to Alice. They divorced and then my father married my mother. A few years later they later had me. I’ve read this: What are the limits of the prefix 'step' to describe relationships? but was wondering if any more light could be shone on it. Does that make Alice my ex-step-mother? … Read more

What is the Term for a Widow’s In-Laws?

What does the term for the in-law relationship become when someone is widowed? For example when someone is divorced, I have heard the relationship dubbed ex-in-laws. Is there a similar term or phrase that I can use in a widowed relationship? Answer In common usage, the parents of a deceased spouse remain one’s in-laws: Even … Read more

What do you call “Your blood-related brother’s wife”?

Your blood-related brother’s wife? If she is older or younger than you? I came up with a discussion some time ago. But, nobody or my friends seem to know. How should I address her? Your blood-related sister’s husband? What if they are just or god brother or god sister? Answer Your brother’s wife, no matter … Read more