“Deemed and understood” in a contract

I have been asked to translate a contract, where the parties are defined accordingly: “X with its principal place of business at Y, (hereinafter called “Seller”) specifically deemed and understood in this document as the “Seller”, and Z (hereinafter called “Buyer”) specifically deemed and understood in this document as the “Buyer”.” To me, the definition … Read more

Looking for a word meaning “attempt” or “bid” or “campaign” specifically in a legal context

If there is an exact outcome I am hoping for, in specifically a legal context, but where I’m not necessarily either suing or defending or appealing or prosecuting (but where I am devoting resources and making decisions in the direction of a wanted outcome), what would you call that? Perhaps “making a case”, but is … Read more

“authorized as incorporated”?

1 As a result of four two-for-one stock splits on the Common Stock effective October 20, 1989, May 15, 1992, August 22, 1997 and May 21, 2004, the number of shares of Series A ESOP Convertible Class A Preferred Stock authorized as incorporated automatically increased to 145,454,544 in accordance with the terms of paragraph 9(A)(1) … Read more

What does “waive as against” mean?

I am reading a license agreement and there is a strange combination of words for me as I am not a native English speaker. The direct quote is here: If you are a direct competitor, and you access or use the software for purposes of competitive benchmarking, analysis, or intelligence gathering, you waive as against … Read more

“Once each” or “once every” six months?

I’m formatting a bulleted list of benefits covered by a dental plan. I believe the text originally came from the insurance company’s official “schedule of benefits” document, which is written in legalese. A bunch of the benefits are limited to “once each” some number of months, as in: Bitewing X-rays once each six months Study … Read more

How to best describe: all law, primary/secondary legislation, etc – with “laws”, “acts”, “statutes”, “ordinances”, etc?

I’m writing software that needs to have the following categories of law for a non-English speaking country: (a) all laws (b) primary country-wide legislation (passed by parliament) (c) secondary country-wide legislation (issued by the executive on authorization from primary legislation) (d) non-binding statements of parliament (e) local legislation (f) court verdicts I normally use English … Read more

‘present’ used as a noun like ‘presence’

I read this sentence in the full legal text of the CC0 license (emphasis mine): Affirmer offers the Work as-is and makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the Work, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non infringement, or the absence of … Read more

Period during which one can step away from a contractual obligation?

Not a trial period. In germany – and many european countries – certain contracts have a period during which one of the signatory partners (mostly: private people) can decide that no, the contract was a bad idea and they want to step away from it. Is there an english term for this period? Working on … Read more