Lain vs. Laid, Passive Voice vs. Participial Adjective

I understand the difference between the verbs lie and lay; however, things seem to become somewhat confusing in certain sentences. For example: "The books were laid/lain out on the counter." In this sentence, it is possible to read this as a passive-voice construction, in which case laid would be correct. But could you also read … Read more

Which sentence is grammatically correct lay or laid in this situation?

She lay on the beach while her son splashed at the water’s edge. or She laid on the beach while her son splashed at the water’s edge. Grammarly is indicating that both are correct, but Word Power says that the first is correct. Answer Your first sentence is correct: your second is incorrect. Lay and … Read more

Lie or lay dead?

The context is "The mercenaries lie/lay dead." "The animal lies/lays dead." It’s present tense and there’s a corpse involved. I’ve looked it up elsewhere and I just don’t understand the rules. Something about an object? Is a corpse an object? Answer Simple enough, once you understand it. Not too simple if you don’t. To begin … Read more

Help using “lie” and “lay” correctly

One of the following sentences is correct. I’m having some issues figuring out which sentence it is. I’ve added my thought process and what I think the error is. According to our team captain, an extraordinary challenge laid before us. I think the correction would be “will lay” because it’s future tense Licking her paws, … Read more

Show I use “lay,” “laid,” or “lain” in the following passage?

The ground was ice-cold, no hint of anyone having lay/laid/lain there at all. Which one is the correct option? Answer to lay – laid – laid – /to put something down/ to lie – lay – lain – /to rest or recline/ to lie – lied – lied – /to deceive, not tell the truth/ … Read more