How long should a list item be?

Can a list item have have more than one paragraph? if so, how many is the maximum recommended? and when that type of lengthy list item is used? Is there a difference in length between bullet and numbered list items? I’ve never seen a list item of more than one paragraph, so I’m curious if … Read more

Oxford comma with nonessential phrases

So, I’ve got the following list containing a nonessential phrase (“ultimately”), non-Oxford comma: stifling curiosity, creativity and, ultimately, progress. Is it then correct, when converted to an Oxford comma, to end up with this monstrosity? stifling curiosity, creativity, and, ultimately, progress. Answer Yes. You are applying two distinct comma guidelines consistently: The commas around a … Read more

Countable and Uncountable Nouns in a List

Since “information” is an uncountable-noun and “references” is a countable noun, which sentence is correct? Please let me know if any additional information or references are needed. Please let me know if any additional information or references is needed. Answer Ibrahim, and welcome to ELU. First of all, you are right in your distinction between … Read more

Beginning list items with numerals

Most well-known style guides dictate that numbers should always be spelled out at the beginning of a sentence (Forty-seven percent of people…), even to the point of recommending rewriting to avoid spelling out awkwardly large numbers (In all, 5,260 people…). I have a bulleted list of percentages in which I would really like to start … Read more